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6 Romantic Dates You Can Do at Home

With a large part of the world officially on lockdown and most outdoor establishments now closed, the prospect of a usual date night is pretty non-existent. 

But fear not!  We know the importance of date night and how this simple, yet important, weekly routine keeps relationships alive and exciting. That’s why we’ve comprised a whole list of awesome romantic dates at home. Don’t worry – these stay-at-home romantic date ideas are guaranteed to keep your romance alive during quarantine!

1.  Go on an international virtual tour

Most of the world is quarantining right now, which means lots of landmark spots that are usually hustling and bustling, are now completely deserted. Thanks to the wonderful world of virtual video, world famous museums and iconic galleries can now be explored from your phone, tablet or laptop. 

The best part is that institutions all around the world are offering free experiences, so you can be sitting at home in one part of the world, whilst exploring the renowned Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, or find yourself right in the middle of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence! London leisure magazine Time Out (now rebranded as Time In) has highlighted worldwide virtual tours for you and your loved one to take at home.

We know it’s not the same as actually being there, but it’s still one of the best (and cheapest) stay at-home dates. You can spend time with your other half whilst feeling that little bit more cultured, and saving a few pennies in the process!

2. Attend an online concert

Sometimes, there’s nothing more romantic and fun than rocking out with your other half to your favourite artist. Well, now you can do it from the comfort of your own home! 

Artists all around the world, including Pink, Coldplay and John Legend are streaming virtual concerts from their social media pages, and keeping the world entertained with their music. 

So avoid the crowds and enjoy a private concert so you can unleash those dance moves that you always hold back in public! 

3. Learn to cook and bake together

Nothing brings couples together more than some good old, hearty food. Take advantage of this time to join forces and create some delicious dishes in the kitchen!

There are so many online cooking videos at your disposal that can have you cooking up a storm in no time. You can also turn your hands to professional baking and learn how to make all sorts of sweet treats to enjoy together.

For example, London cake artist Rosalind Miller has put together an online baking masterclass covering all the basics of making the perfect sponge cake. So if you’re done creating rice crispy treats and want to step it up a notch, this class makes for the perfect (dare we say, Instagram-friendly) home date night.

4. A cute picnic at home

Once you’ve cooked up a delicious meal together, or baked up some tasty treats, why not turn your home date into a two-parter and enjoy eating them at a stay-at-home picnic. 

Make the most of the start of spring by soaking up some sun in your garden or in your balconies, over your homemade creations.

If you don’t have access to any outdoor space, then lay out that picnic blanket in your living room and create a romantic date indoors!

5. Have a game night

Feed your competitive sides with a good old fashioned game night! This is probably one of the most fun dates at home you can have with your partner. 

Whether it’s board games, interactive games or video games, you’re sure to find a game you both enjoy and get that all-important win! Here’s a list of games that you can buy online if you’re really struggling to find the right game for you both. 

You can even head over to Pinterest for some conversational cards, to really delve deeper with your other half, and get to know each other that little bit better. 

6. Good old-fashioned movie night 

There is nothing better than a good old ‘Netflix and Chill’ together. Snuggling up together in front of a classic rom-com, igniting some excitement with an action thriller, or getting comfortably close as you brave a horror film together, movie night is one of the best, and simplest, stay-at-home dates.

Take movie night to the next level by building an old school pillow and blanket fort and reliving your favourite childhood memories together. 

It’ll make self-isolating feel that little bit more exciting and safe, as you feel like you’re in your own little cosy world with your favourite person. 

If you find you’re spending a little too much time together, check out our tips on how to stay sane when you’re isolating with your partner.


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