Funny Christmas Gifts That Will Make Your Loved One Giggle

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It isn’t how much we give but how much love we put into giving –anonymous

We all agree that it’s not how much we give, but the love we put into giving that inspirational gift to the one we prize above all others. But we also understand that December is fraught with Christmas preparation and spending hours scrolling through websites can be frustrating. 

We also appreciate that a funny Christmas gift in the bottom of a Christmas stocking can be just enough to stoke the fires of romance – after all nothing says I love you like a novelty toilet roll! 

Fear not, there’s not a shred of toilet paper on this list, just gifts that will delight the man in your life and remind him that no one knows him like you do.


Personalized Funny Christmas Gifts For Men

1. Personalized Legos Minifigure Hero

Show the man in your life he’s your very own superhero with this personalized Minifigure. Small in size but big on the wow factor, this minifigure will look just like your own action hero. Using a photograph to craft the head and legos to imitate the muscular physique – this little fella is going to make your loved one smile and feel good! A funny Christmas gift for the man in your life.

2. Personalized Noble Painting

Perhaps the man in your life sees himself as a cut above the rest. Well, with a personalized Noble Painting, he can see himself that way everyday – and night. Noblified use a photo or selfie to capture your man’s essence and hand paint their face onto a canvas in a style that befits a prince. At the same time as raising a smile, these paintings really are a work of art that you will want to gaze up on for years to come. Not just a funny Christmas gift, a pretty special one too.

3. Personalized Face Boxers

Some folks are joined at the hip and like to feel close even when they’re apart. With these Personalized Face Boxer Shorts, you can be together forever and closer than ever. This funny Christmas gift for men is an excellent way to bring a smile to their face on Christmas morning. Just upload an image of the face you want plastered all over their shorts and hey presto, they will arrive on Santa’s sleigh ready to wear.

4. Personalized Reel Viewer

If you’re in pursuit of  a funny Christmas gift for a boyfriend or indeed a husband who grew up in the 70’s, this could be the present that hits the jackpot.

One of the greatest childhood gadgets EVER, the personalized reel viewer will bring a laugh to their throat and maybe a tear to their eye too.

Depending on the type of photos you add to the reel, sweet and sentimental for the man in touch with his feelings or jovial and comedic for the man who loves to laugh – this is a real gem of a gift. You can purchase additional reels of photographs too meaning this is the gift that keeps on giving.

Funny Personal Grooming Gifts For Men

5. Hairy Gut Fanny Pack

A real Christmas gag gift for your man – the Hairy Gut Fanny Pack! If the love of your life’s got a rad bod, give them a dad bod with this hilarious fanny pack. 

A great Christmas gift for a husband or boyfriend who fancies themselves pretty ripped, the fanny pack might forewarn them of the perils of over indulging on mince pies this festive season! 

 This fanny pack is a decent size too and will expand to give him a belly fit for a king. 

6. Belly Button Lint Brush

The Belly Button Lint Brush is the ultimate gift for the man who likes to preen. The soft brush gently scoops out any fuzz that’s filling up your man’s belly button – meaning he can de-fluff with confidence. The perfect funny Christmas gift for a husband who likes to take grooming to the next level.     

7. Funny Fitness T-Shirt

A novelty Christmas gift for your boyfriend or husband; the funny fitness t-shirt. Tight enough to show off his six pack and flash those manly guns – the man in your life will love the fit of this tee. And, with a design that might trigger a gym memory that makes him smile – it’s a winner.

Funny Gag Christmas Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything

8. Disco Toilet

For the man who has everything – and wants for nothing – the disco toilet is here. How will he ever relieve himself in a regular toilet again? This small gadget attaches to your toilet and illuminates the bowl when activated, sending out an array of ambient light. This gag gift for Christmas comes with a caveat – the disco toilet might be so much fun, he never leaves the washroom again.

A funny Christmas gift for boyfriends and a way of jazzing up the festive period.  Who needs to go out shake their bootie when they’ve got a disco toilet?!

9. Royal Squat Bathroom Putter Set

If you lose your significant other to the golf course regularly, this could be the perfect funny Christmas gift to keep him at home! Fitting round the base of the toilet and coming with a putter to perfect his swing whilst he sits on the throne, it’s a golfer’s dream gift. 

Funny Christmas Gifts For The Animal Lover

10. Funny Animal T-Shirt

Just the right tee to walk the dog in! You can find the slogan that’s just right for your significant other, maybe even one to remind him to pick up the lead and the dog and get walking.  We’ve chosen this t-shirt to make you chuckle, but there are heaps out more there for you to giggle over. 

11. Cute Animal Pillow

A dog pillow that means you  get a sofa companion that won’t take up all the space! A funny Christmas gift for the husband, or the boyfriend who loves their pooch; the animal pillow is pretty cute too. Throw it on the bed, the office chair or even in the back of the car to be reminded of the pet that owns the bit of their heart not taken up by love for you.

We hope we’ve inspired you to select that superlative stocking stuffer for your significant other – and saved you some of the stress that can come with choosing the perfect gift. Remember, whatever the man in your life is into, if it’s gifted from you and gifted with love – it will put a smile on his face. And you can’t really ask for a better Christmas gift than that.


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