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Claire is our digital editor and content manager at enamoree. She hails from bonnie Scotland with a background in English Literature and an unhealthy obsession with hoummous. Claire collaborates nonstop with experts and public figures in the dating and relationship field to deliver no-bullshit, raw dating advice.

Why Being All Alone on Christmas is the Best Gift Yet

Dating Woes

We hate to say it, but Christmastime is not always a magical period filled with idyllic ice-skating dates and fairy-tale kisses in the snow. For single folks, the festive season…

Do’s And Don’ts of Dating After a Breakup (Infographic)

Healing From Heartbreak

You’ve sent the drunk texts at 3am. You’ve exhausted the back-and-forward social media blocking. You’ve listened to My Chemical Romance and Blink-182 playlists more than you care to admit. You…

The Situationship: Are You In One Without Even Realising?

Dating Woes

Maybe there’s a niggling doubt that things aren’t right. If you’re in a situationship, though, you may not have even noticed. So, what is a situationship? A situationship is like…

There is Only One Way to Be Sure Your Partner Loves You

Dating Woes

Exquisite bouquets of flowers and spontaneous weekend trips to the countryside are wonderful and all, but there’s only one way to be sure that your partner actually loves you. It…

He’s Just Not That Into You: Accepting Male Rejection

Healing From Heartbreak

It’s a simple phrase that resonated with millions of women following the release of one problematic yet gripping romantic comedy… ‘He’s just not that into you.’ Let’s get something straight…

Vegan Dating: Finding Someone Who Gets it

Dating Advice

Like it or lump it, veganism is well and truly on the rise with 7% of Brits proudly donning the vegan title in 2018 alone (and this stat is only…

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