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The Best Transgender Dating Apps

Dating Apps

Come on. Be honest. How many times have you downloaded and then instantly deleted a dating app all in the space of one day? It’s a recurring process of seeking…

14 Freeing And Empowering Songs About Being Single

Breaking up

It’s scientifically proven that sad songs can help heal your broken heart after a breakup, but if you’re done with channelling your inner Bridget Jones by crying floods of tears…

6 Reasons Why The Term ‘Gold Star Lesbian’ Needs To Go Away


For a community based on open-minded inclusivity, the LGBTQIA+ community can sometimes be closed-minded and unfairly exclusive. I’m in no way a person who’s easily offended (I very much believe…

10 Of The Best Lubes To Improve Your Sex Life


We’re all into different things in the bedroom. What turns some people on, might turn others off. Yet, there’s one universal truth I’m sure we can all agree on when…

Everything You Need To Know About Solo Polyamory

Dating Advice

Let’s put this out there: relationships are often hard work! Even though we all enjoy being whisked away by the excitable bubbling feelings of love, romance still rightfully comes with…

What Is Bondage?: A BDSM Guide For Beginner’s


We’re all becoming more curiously open-minded about our own exploration of sex, right? And when the BDSM hit flick Fifty Shades of Grey became the fourth highest-grossing R-rated movie ever…

Couples Challenge Questions: Get To Know You Questions

All About Dating and Love

Whether you’ve been married for decades or your most recent crush has blossomed into something more special, it’s often worth asking yourself: How well do I actually know the person…

Everything You Need To Know About Being Greysexual


Life never has been and never will be a black and white experience, and that’s especially true when it comes to human sexuality. After centuries of restrictive repression, the waving…

12 Gay and Lesbian Love Songs You Should Hear


There was once a sad time when a gay singer wouldn’t dare use a male pronoun while declaring love on one of his songs. Nor would a lesbian singer sing…

10 Tips to Avoid Dry Texting

Dating Advice

Nothing screams mood killer more than the opening lines of, “How are you?” I’m afraid the only worthy reply for that type of dead chat is reminiscent of an Ariana-style…

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