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Henna Amin

dating expert

enamoree's resident self-love advocate and agony-aunt. When she’s not writing for enamoree, you can find her listening (and singing) to music, working on her mindfulness practice, or blogging about everything from race and self-love to beauty and wellness.

A Glass of Wine Under The Stars: 42 Restaurants With Outdoor Drinking in London

Food & Drink

From terraces to gardens, if you want restaurants with outdoor drinking in the capital, you’re in the right place. We’ve got 42 spots for you to try here.

Rainy Day Date Ideas: Top Indoor Activities in London


Don’t let the weather affect your date night by picking a rain-proof date idea! We’ve got some of the best indoor activities in London for you to check out.

6 Ways to Bring in the New Year with Your Partner


If you’re looking for New Year’s Eve ideas for couples, we’ve got 6 ideas that will help you celebrate in a special way. Find your perfect NYE plans here.

The Ultimate Winter Staycation in the UK Checklist

Experience & Travel

If you, like many other Brits, are hungry for a break but don’t want to risk booking a trip abroad – then you need a staycation. All (well, nearly all)…

What Do I Want For Christmas? 62 Ideas to Help Your Partner Pick The Perfect Gift


Christmas is a magical time for giving and receiving gifts from the people we love. But no matter how well your partner knows you (or thinks they do), sometimes they…

The Most Compatible Signs Based on Your Zodiac Signs

When we look for a partner, we need to be on the lookout for a lot of things. Of course, the foundation for a long-lasting relationship is one where you…

What Are the Warning Signs of Negging?

You know when you meet someone, and you’re talking and they say something that just feels a bit… negative? But not once or twice, they’ll respond to practically anything you…

Gaslighting Phrases to Watch Out For

Gaslighting is a more common phenomenon in relationships than you might think. From our relationships with our parents, to romantic partners and even colleagues, gaslighting can take place in pretty…

Relationship Red Flags: 7 Signs You’re in an Unhealthy Relationship

When you’re in love with someone, the last thing you want to do is look for negative qualities or pay too much attention to the issues that you may have…

A Guide to The 5 Love Languages

Unless you’ve literally been living under a rock or are a social media ghost, then you’ve most likely heard of the 5 Love Languages. This framework looks at the way…

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