Maria Asaad

enamoree’s own dating guru. When she’s not writing about how to find love, you’ll find her binge-watching the latest craze on Netflix (she’s also got years of experience working in TV production!), being a committed youth member at her church or doing her daily yoga!

The Ultimate Guide to Discreet Gay Dating


Dating can be difficult, no matter what sexual orientation you are! There is so much to learn about the other person; such as your partner’s interests, music taste, and favourite…

What Makes a Man Leave His Wife for Another Woman

Breaking up

We all know that break-ups can be tough,  especially when you’re going through a break-up with a person that you live with. However, the breakdown of a marriage can sometimes…

Transformational Love: Q&A with Rohini Ross

Committed Relationship

2021 is finally here and what better way to kick it off than by talking about transformations. After all, the coming of a new year always seems to be that…

5 Characteristics of a Reciprocal Relationship

Committed Relationship

When it comes to thinking about relationships, most of us don’t consciously think about reciprocity. When we do sit and think about it, the majority of reactions of those in…

Survive The Holidays Apart: Sex Gifts For Long-Distance Relationships


There is no denying that long-distance relationships can be a challenge, and maintaining a good stream of communication is difficult when it’s only done virtually. Having said that, technology has…

How To Say I Love You in Different Languages

All About Dating and Love

There are those basic, everyday phrases that everyone is eager to know when learning a new language. After learning the basics such as “hello”, “goodbye”, “please”, and “thank you”, the…

How Long Does it Take to Fall in Love? Men vs. Women

All About Dating and Love

Falling in love, there’s nothing quite like it. The rush of emotions, always being happy around that person, and feeling like you’re walking on cloud nine. But how fast can…

60 Songs About Missing Someone

Healing From Heartbreak

Missing or longing for someone that you once held dear can be one of the most gut-wrenching pains of human emotion. No matter what you do or where you go,…

3 Ways To Become The Ultimate Power Couple

Committed Relationship

You may have heard terms such as “power couple” and “couple goals” being thrown about in today’s dating world. Every loved up pair aspires to be that couple that all…

Cooking a Romantic Dinner For Two: 8 of the Best Recipes

Committed Relationship

Date night is an integral part of any healthy relationship. That one-on-one, quality time during a busy week is an absolute must. And, thanks to COVID plaguing our loved-up nights…

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