Love on a Work Night: 7 Weekday Dates Ideas

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When it comes to weeknight activities for couples, it’s easy to forget to enjoy ourselves in between the ‘nine to five’ working week. And with so many tips and ideas for memorable dates involving travel, adventure and a lost weekend of romance, it’s understandable why we associate a good date night with a Friday or Saturday night plan. 

Sure, who wouldn’t want to go cascading down an ice slope, or camp out under the stars. But modern life can’t always accommodate these grand gestures. Weekday dates are proof that gestures of love don’t have to be saved for the weekend!

Sometimes real-life happens. And guess what? That’s okay! Not all relationships have to be caviar and wine or conversations that last deep into the night. Love is also the familiar – being cuddled up in bed by 10 pm and more than content with life. 

In celebration of love being bigger than a two-day affair, we’ve compiled 7 of the best weekday date night ideas for you and your partner. If you want the fun and romance of a weekend date without the tiredness of a late-night, these midweek date ideas will have you out having fun, but tucked up in bed at a reasonable hour!

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Weekday Date One: Local Business Date Night

Celebrating an anniversary or a birthday doesn’t always need to last all night. Trying out a local business and finding a new favourite place to eat is one of the most rewarding weeknight activities for couples. 

In an age of deliveries and food delivered to your front door, sometimes we can forget the special feeling that comes with getting dressed up to go and eat some delicious fresh local food. 

Make a memory: look into the local restaurants and find some cuisines you’ve never tried before. Experience it together and try something different from your usual routine.

Romantic couple in love have dinner on Valentine’s evening in restaurant

Weekday Date Two: To the Library!

Rediscover your love of literature. And no, we don’t mean ordering a book online for your literary midweek date ideas. We mean taking a trip to the local library and exploring the aisles for something a little more special than an online purchase. 

There’s a certain understated romance in taking a trip together to find a new book. Whether it’s the smell of the pages or the calm and welcoming atmosphere of the library, there’s a comfort in books that make us feel wonderful inside. 

Make a memory: explore the romantic novels aisle. Agree to both pick each other’s next library book and to read together in the evenings. When you’re finished, break out the wine and cheese to discuss what you thought of the book!

Attractive young students man and woman choosing books in the bookstore

Weekday Date Three: Picnic in the Local Park

Find a perfect little secluded spot in the local park and indulge in one of the most dependable weekday date ideas. 

Weekday dates are supposed to be a little but enjoyable way to reconnect and break up a long work week. So make it simple but fun. Find a local supermarket and stock up on delicious goodies. Grab a blanket and a clean spot of grass and you’re ready to eat, drink and be merry within walking distance of your house. 

Make a memory: are you local to a place where you had a first kiss? A first date? Perhaps there was a specific moment you fell madly in love with them. Incorporate it into the date and make your weekday dates feel even more special.

Happy young couple having fun outdoors together

Weekday Date Four: Take an Online Cooking Course

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably mastered the art of making the most of being at home together by now! So spice up a weekday by taking an online cookery class together. 

Not only are they fun, but they help you improve your communication skills, as well as your culinary ones. Food that’s made with love always tastes best, so why not improve your kitchen skills without the hassle of travelling long distances to do it. 

Make a memory: once you’ve had your lessons, why not prepare the same dish each and get a little friendly competition going? Got kids? You’ve found your judges! Loser does the dishes!

Cooking lunch together. Smiling african-american couple preparing salad at kitchen, copy space

Weekday Date Five: An Evening Walk

While this might not sound like the most exciting of weekday date ideas, you’d be surprised how little you’ve explored the area you live in. Take an hour or two and go a different route than usual. Make a few left turns and enjoy the new scenery while staying close enough to home to get an early night. 

Visit a local shop you’ve never been into. Leave the phones at home and enjoy the benefits of an intimate stroll. Sometimes a little peace and quiet away from our devices can remind us of how wonderful that special person in our life is. 

Make a memory: take a look at some notice boards in your local community centres. You may just find that your next big adventure together is just a few minutes from your own front door.

loving couple hugging on the lake at sunset. Beautiful young couple in love walking on the shore of the lake at sunset in the rays of bright light. copy space.

Weekday Date Six: Indoor Movie Night

It’s possible that you’re sick and tired of Netlflix and a night on the sofa. However, it’s all about presentation! 

Order some popcorn boxes and a selection of their favourite drinks. Make hot dogs. Invite them to the special event with some homemade movie tickets. Instead of scanning through endless movie lists, put together a double bill of their favourite feel-good films. 

If you’re close with your neighbours you could even have a back garden screening of a film that’s projected from your phone onto a white sheet on a washing line. The effort that goes into your weeknight date ideas is what matters – not the location. 

Make a memory: for weekday dates with a difference, compile some funny and memorable moments you’ve had as a couple and put them together for a personalised mini home movie.

Couple Leisure. Happy Black Spouses Watching Tv And Cheering Sports, Eating Popcorn And Relaxing On Couch In Living Room

Weekday Date Seven: Take a Dance Class Together

Local community halls and leisure centres always have some kind of evening dance class. So why not embrace it for one of your more memorable weekday dates! 

Don’t overthink it. Whatever the style, give it a go. Perhaps you’ll both need ice packs and a weekend in bed afterwards, but you never know. One of you may be an undiscovered dance sensation!

Make a memory: do you have an upcoming anniversary or wedding day? Learn a dance together and perform it to some beautiful music. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the garden, the living room, or embarrassing your children in public. All that matters is that your weeknight date ideas are getting you moving without taking up too much of your time!

If love has taught us anything, it’s that with the right person, there’s no such thing as a dull night. So let’s celebrate those birthdays, anniversaries, and ‘just because I love you’ moments every day of the week. 

Cute little children dancing in studio

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