4 Engagement Party Ideas To Make The Day Memorable

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Love is a beautiful thing; the laughter, memories, special moments, and everything that makes it passionate. And when you are in a healthy relationship that you wish to take further, nothing beats having a great and memorable engagement party that you and your partner talk about many years later. Planning and creating an unforgettable engagement party entails so many important things. Whether you want a big party or something quiet, you’ll find that discussing with your partner helps you gain clarity. There are different ways to make your engagement party memorable; from gifts to decorations and games, you can have a truly beautiful engagement party to begin the countdown to tying the knot. Explore the ideas we’ve curated to help you plan your engagement party here.

Engagement Games

Relationships should have fun moments filled with laughter, physical and mental exercises, and activities that strengthen your bond. You and your partner can easily achieve this through games, and guess what? You can and should include games in your engagement party activities. Engagement party games are naturally focused on the couple, but your guests can also participate in increasing the fun. There are countless games ranging from mental exercises to physical games. Choose fun games that everyone can join in if they choose to. There’s no restriction against a few adult games, provided you don’t have guests below a certain age. Some of the engagement party games to try are:

  • The Newlywed Game. Or almost. This game tests each partner’s knowledge of the other. You play the game using paper or a board and a pen. One partner writes and covers the answer to a question while the other says the answer. If both answers are correct or match, they score points. The partner with the most points wins. The game is fun, especially when you or your partner discover some things that you don’t know about each other. Also, it is fun to unwind while learning about yourselves and each other.
  • Memory match: A memory match game tests your memory on specific events and occasions in your relationship. There’s an endless list of questions so that you can tailor the game to your audience. For example, your first kiss, first hugs, first date, celebrity meet, and personal habits. You can reduce the difficulty by listing specific clothes or jewelry worn to an event. Again, use a points system to determine the winner, or let it be a no-winner contest. Include a few family members or friends to increase the fun! Another way to play this game is to write short memories of each guest on small pieces of paper and mix them in a bowl. You and your partner can then read out memories and have the guests guess to who it belongs.
  • Bottled messages: Ask family, friends, and colleagues to write letters to you and your partner before the engagement. Collect the notes in a bottle and read them on the engagement day. You can set this as the penultimate or closing event so that everyone leaves with the message fresh.

Every game should be interesting, capture your guests’ attention, and have the most reeling with laughter. Of course, you can also go for games that help the guest bond with each other; that’s the fastest and easiest way to keep your engagement party lively without much effort. But, again, the goal isn’t to have winners but to make everyone have fun.

Engagement Themes

The general theme and engagement party decorations are crucial in setting your engagement party’s scene, ambiance, and tone. You should consider hiring an event planner to choose colors, but you can also select the theme you prefer. For example, you and your partner can go for superhero themes or favorite folklore characters:

  • Superman and Wonder Woman
  • Batman and Catwoman
  • Wanda and Vision
  • Thor and Jane
  • Justice Society

You can easily get costumes at rental prices or discount sales from popular stores. The key to a successful themed engagement party is to have fitted outfits, so you look smart. The decorations should also match your costume color; green for Hulk and red and blue for Superman. You may want to create a colored party, and that’s fine. However, ensure the colors match and produce a carnival-like effect.

You can also go for vintage themes, creating a formal-like engagement party complete with “lords, duchesses, and royalty.” Of course, you and your partner get to play the highest-ranked nobility at the party! Choose your favorite king, leader, or military general from the past and appear in that costume.

If you want to play it better, you can appear in clothes similar to the ones you wore the first day you met. Few things beat evoking the memories of that beautiful day when you started talking. There’s no hard or fast rule for a themed engagement party; do what suits you best but ensure you appear at your best.

Engagement Party Gifts

Whether you call them engagement party gifts or engagement party favors, giving gifts to your guests is a great way to keep your engagement party memorable. From small drinking cups to patterned bowls and bags, party favors help your guests participate in your engagement party. The best idea is to gift things that serve some purpose, such as aesthetics, domestic chores, and clocks.

  • Tote bags
  • Flower mirror and clothing magnet
  • Herbal tea cup
  • Patterned bowls and cups
  • Engagement party kits
  • Candy jar
  • Bag tags

Customize these gifts with your engagement party details (your and your partners’ name, date, and favorite quote). 

Get Your Engagement Venue

The venue you choose may significantly impact your engagement party’s success and how memorable it is. Several factors, such as personal preference, budget, and guest size, may affect where you hold your engagement. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Home or rented garden: a garden engagement party is beautiful. Plan a simple decoration highlighting the evening party’s mood. Start with the lights, then accentuate where you want everyone to focus. Ensure guests can move around unhindered.
  • Movie night: A movie night is an excellent idea for an engagement party. Clear out the room and arrange comfy cushions for everyone. Prepare ample wine and chops and plan for a few games and speeches. You can set up a small projector and screen for outdoor movies or use your large TV set. Then, play the film at the right time.
  • Restaurants, pubs, clubs, public galleries, music concerts, etc., are all wonderful venues to hold your engagement party. For example, if you have music-inclined guests, a music concert engagement party may be more memorable than regular beach dates. Find what works best for you, and remember to make your guests happy, too.


Why not try out outdoor venues? You can go camping, visit the beach, or even have a rooftop engagement party. A boat cruise or a ranch also works. Plan your finances properly and watch out for discounts or free tickets to exotic places. Few things beat having the treat of your life, and your engagement party is a great time to have that. With careful planning, you can create a memorable engagement event that will only add to the many memories you and yours have made in your relationship.


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