12 non-traditional engagement rings for a unique proposal

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The non-traditional engagement ring is making a bid for freedom – and it’s running a competitive race against the more well-known solitaire set jewelry that many people have opted for in previous generations!

Many couples are now turning to different stones, metals, and designs to make their proposal unique to them and something that fits in with their lifestyle. At the end of the day, picking an engagement ring is always going to be something that’s a highly personal choice.

Sometimes, it’s good to have ideas and inspiration to give some direction if you’re not sure what to go for, or if you’re planning a surprise and want to get the sentiment right.

Finding unconventional engagement rings for a proposal to remember is a fantastic idea. After all, these words by the American satirist HL Mencken ring true “The longest sentence you can form with two words is: I do”.

Non-traditional engagement ring ideas for a unique proposal

True love and a romantic proposal aren’t always about how much you spend on the ring, it’s about the meaning behind it. With that in mind here are some great ideas for alternative engagement rings to give some inspiration. There’s something to suit every budget too.

Retro Alexandrite charm

Alexandrite is one of the best kept secrets of the gem world. It’s a remarkable stone that has the ability to change color depending on the time of day and light it’s in. It’s the birthstone for June, so if your fiance-to-be is a summer baby, it’s worth considering for that alone.

A durable and hard-wearing stone, it’ll stand up to being worn every day and it’ll also stand out from the crowd too. This is an alternative engagement ring to consider as a perfect choice if your budget isn’t huge but you want to make a grand statement.

Seductive Sapphires

The Sapphire is a stone that is used in quite a few engagement rings. How about changing it up a bit? We’re all familiar with the blue, pink, and yellow versions of this gem, but how about teal-colored…

This particular dazzling blue-green version of the gem comes from Montana and is highly prized. It’s one of the nicest, most unique non-traditional engagement rings for a proposal, too as the recipient is sure to get lots of questions about it! 

Effortless Emeralds and marvelous Moissanite

Ever thought about Moissanite? It’s a lab-grown diamond that is even more hard-wearing than its more infamous counterpart. Fact fans should note it’s a 9.25 on the MOHS scale of hardness making it almost as durable as a diamond. Fashion fans should know that it’s every bit (if not more) sparkly and beautiful looking as its alternative. This one in our selection of unique non-traditional engagement rings also features beautiful green emeralds too, which give an added sophistication. 

Entwine your love with gold twigs

This enchanting but modern engagement ring idea is perfect for those with a love of organic, free-form design. It has an other-worldly feel to it and the twig detailing on the gold band is quite beautiful and very personal looking. With its elfin qualities, you’ll truly be the Lord of the Rings if you propose with this choice.

A Celtic Claddagh Connection

Does your love have a Celtic connection? If so, this silver Claddagh ring set with a small heart-shaped emerald could be just the ticket. This ancient design has a threefold meaning. The crown represents loyalty, the heart represents love, and the hands represent friendship making it a perfect choice for alternative engagement rings to wow and flutter. 

Say it with…salt and pepper?

If you’d like a diamond, but want something a bit out of the ordinary then why not say it with this choice? It’s a solid gold band studded with salt-and-pepper colored diamonds and they truly are beautiful in their understated elegance.

The design itself is inspired by the natural world and it has an antique look to it, so could very easily become an heirloom piece. It surely is an engagement ring that could be handed down to future generations. 

Romancing the Moonstone

Moonstone is another underrated gemstone that has mystical, ethereal qualities making it perfect for an unusual engagement ring idea. The oval stone here is a gentle nod to the traditional but the setting makes the most of showing off the true beauty of the gem. It’s a delicate piece of jewelry that would make a truly alternative engagement ring.

Give your true love Titanium

This ring is a bold statement piece, perfect for anyone who wants a strong look and a modern engagement ring. Titanium is a great choice for durability and the black groove design is contemporary and stylish. The small diamond is a great centerpiece and works well for those people who want an engagement ring but perhaps aren’t as keen on gemstones as others.

Engage an artist’s impression

This one really is a show-stopper. Paint a wide smile on your other half’s face with this Renoir-inspired impressionist artist ring. The flower design is constructed from an array of blue topaz and diamonds and the band is substantial and highly polished, to give a clean look. If your true love knows and loves their art, this could be the one.

Sure to add a special spark to your anniversary date and is another option for those who are looking for wood anniversary gifts for her.

Minimalist musings

Ever thought about a ‘raw’ gemstone ring? This is a novel idea and design that would appeal to anyone wanting something out of the ordinary. The aquamarine stone is set in a slim gold band that makes the most of the unpolished gem itself. A really unusual piece that will become a talking point.

Birthstone blossoms

Choosing unconventional engagement rings  that feature your partner’s birthstone is another great idea to consider. With this choice, you can really personalize the jewelry to make it as special as possible, from the type of stone right through to the precious metal it’s set into.

It doesn’t even have to be the birthstone. You could choose to use the stone from the month you got engaged or another important anniversary date. The possibilities here are endless.

Pikachu’s Proposal

This cute little number is a perfect and unusual engagement ring idea for someone who loves their Pokemon! Imagine proposing with Pikachu? Now you can. Gotta catch your bride (or groom) with this exceptionally quirky and lovely piece of jewelry.

It’s traditional in the sense it’s crafted with a center stone and is set in precious metal, but the added fun factor of a tiny Pikachu holding onto the gem in the center is a joy.

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings: What Matters Most

Your engagement and the ring that goes with it will stay with you for a lifetime. Making the most of this special moment and ensuring that it means the world to both of you is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter if your budget is $50 or $5000 either, it’s the sentiment and meaning behind it all that counts. 


We hope this little collection of alternative engagement rings has given you a few ideas and some inspiration to make the proposal of your dreams. When you do pop the question, we’d love to hear your romantic, silly, or funny stories…

Do get in touch and let us know in the comments below. 


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