15 Perfectly picked etsy gifts for her

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Choosing just the right present for someone special can make the heart flutter or the toes curl – depending on your reputation for gift giving. The next perfect gift might not spring instantly to mind when you hear the words, anniversary or birthday but you do know her. And if you call to mind the things that make her smile, before long you will be able to conjure up a whole host of items you know she hopes to open on that special day. 

If the conjuring those ideas is taking longer than you’d hoped, consider:

Has she been dropping any hints about things she wants to do or places she’d like to go?

What has she been talking about spoiling herself with recently?

Has she mentioned running out of anything lately – perfume, face-cream, a favorite pair of shoes wearing out or a well loved purse that’s broken?

Once you’ve answered these questions, take the time to think about the sort of person your special someone is. Does she like the exotic, the wild, the bold or the serenely simple?

Going all out is great if it’s going to be well received but if your sweetheart is not one for the lavish – keep it on the simple side.  

So, you know what she’s hoping for – and what she’s hoping to avoid. Now what? It’s time to go Etsy-shopping!

Read on through our carefully chosen Etsy gifts for her, picked by women for women so the occasion that’s approaching goes down a storm – for both of you.

Etsy birthday gifts for her

1. Birth Flower Necklace

Dainty, minimalist and insanely pretty, these hand-made necklaces are made from sterling silver and can be filled with gold or rose-gold. Available in a variety of chain lengths, these beautiful ½” disc pendants are personalized with the birth flower of your special someone. All you have to do is remember her birthday month and you’ve bagged a charming and personalized gift that will look exceptional around the neck of any woman – no matter her style.

2. Flower Threader Earrings

Keeping with the flower theme – because flowers always please, check out these exquisitely elegant flower threader earrings. Available in either 925 silver or 9ct gold, these striking earrings are going to turn heads. Set on a delicate chain that leads to a flawless pearl, housed in a petal shaped frame, these earrings radiate a truly feminine vibe. Lightweight and suitable to be worn day to day, these earrings would create an eye catching finish to that perfect evening outfit. A personalized Etsy birthday gift for her that can be enjoyed time and time again. Brownie points secured. 

3. Happy Birthday Box

Does your significant other constantly have a scrap of paper in her hand and a pen behind her ear? Does she lose lists that have been carefully constructed to keep order and sanity to your home? Well, this is truly one of the most thoughtful Etsy birthday gifts for the list writer, note taker, diary writer. There’s also a heap of other cool stuff in the basket too. A small succulent to try and keep alive and some yummy tea with a mug and spoon. This is the gift that keeps on giving. 

4. Geode Sun-Catcher

Geodes take thousands of years to form, creating intensely colorful crystals inside a pretty ordinary rock. If your significant other is a lover of earth, nature and all things colorful this sun-catcher could make her day. Who wouldn’t want to hang a slice of thousand year old rock in their window and wonder at the stories it has to tell. Bright, cheerful and spectacularly beautiful when the sun explodes through it, a sun-catcher is something uniquely different to give as an Etsy birthday gift for her. 

5. Personalized Photo Keychain

Your sweetheart might have a camera roll that’s bursting with photos. What a perfect way to show you care – and that you’ve put heaps of effort into creating that special birthday gift – than creating a personalized photo keychain. Choose the goofy as hell snaps or the seriously posed one, whichever you know she’ll love the most. 14 mini photos, ensconced in a leather frame that’s embossed with your initials. A pretty damn fine Etsy birthday gift for your significant other.      

Special occasion Etsy gifts

Whether you’re looking for Etsy engagement, wedding or anniversary gifts, customizable gifts are always a good choice. They show thought, planning and attention to detail. These Etsy gifts for her show that dates and times that are meaningful and significant to you both are emblazoned in your memory.

1. Customized Photo On Wood

An Etsy engagement gift that will immortalize the moment she said yes. Choose the snap that was taken during that happy moment and hang it in your home as a reminder of your love for one another. Or, if you want to bestow this on your soon-to-be Mrs just after the yes moment, why not use your first ever together photograph? 

2. Personalized Digital Photograph

Still on the lookout for the best Etsy anniversary gifts? If retro’s more your thing, why not opt for this cartoon print. This Etsy gift for her offers a touch of the charismatic quirkiness, this print is pretty cool. All images are hand-drawn and come with unlimited revisions. A one-off gift that will be a talking point for years to come.  In fact, this Etsy print would please a loved one on an anniversary, wedding or engagement – a true all rounder.

3. Customisable Hoodie

Who wouldn’t want to chill out dressed in a hoodie adorned with their own and their loved one’s moniker? This personalized hoodie is a gift for the girl who has everything; with a small embroidered heart on the chest and both of your initials embroidered on the sleeve. An Etsy wedding gift perfect to wear in the run up to the special day, as you’re jetting off on honeymoon or indeed when you come back and want to be reminded of those wedding memories. 

4. Customized Ring Dish

She might have claimed she’s never going to take it off. But she will have too and she won’t want to lose it.  So why not show just how thoughtful you can be with this Etsy engagement gift. A customized ring dish comes with your initials, engagement date and a reminder that you’re now engaged. This dish does it all and will provide an unforgettable place to leave her prized possession. 

5. Customized Mr and Mrs sign

This is truly one of the best Etsy wedding gifts as it will last you for years. Bestow it before the wedding and make it part of the wedding decorations, making the perfect backdrops for wedding photos for you and the guests. Then, hang it in your home or garden and each time you walk past it, memories of that magical day will deluge you. 

Etsy Valentines Gifts To Make Her Swoon

1. Love Note Capsules

This Etsy Valentine’s gift consists of 60 vitamin capsules crammed into a Love Note pill box. Opening them up will reveal smiley faces, winky faces and a variety of blank notes for you to fill with notes of amore!

2. Double Name Ring

Your name and hers, entwined around her finger for all to see. What’s not romantic about that? Jewelry on Valentine’s day is always a winner. Get it on her finger! 

3. Personalized metal wall decor

One for the boudoir, this metal wall decor is one of the best Etsy Valentines gifts that is sure to make her heart flutter. Crafted from metal, this piece features two heartbeats with your names fashioned into the metal. Though stylish and minimalist, this Etsy Valentine’s gift will speak a thousand words. 

4. Our First Valentine’s

A personalized Etsy gift for her that will sweep her off her feet and return her to that magical first Valentine’s date with you, this acrylic plaque is a showstopper. Featuring a map of the special day with a heart demarcating the location of your choice, the map also includes the date, the address and the co-ordinates. An Etsy Valentine’s gift with real sentiment. 

5. Bath Caddy

If your Valentine wants to soak in the tub, read and book and linger over a glass of bubbly, this could be the gift for her – there’s even space for a sultry candle! If you’re lucky, she might just ask you to join her for a splash. 

The beauty of these Etsy gifts for her is that, whilst we’ve categorized them for you, they could really be given for any of these special occasions. What makes them stand out as gifts she’s going to treasure, is the time, thought and sentiment that’s gone into hand-picking them. If you love what you’ve chosen, the chances are she will too. 


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