Survive The Holidays Apart: Sex Gifts For Long-Distance Relationships

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There is no denying that long-distance relationships can be a challenge, and maintaining a good stream of communication is difficult when it’s only done virtually. Having said that, technology has come a very long way in making long-distance communication not only possible but also very simple and enjoyable. The evolution of sex toys has also come a very long way and has changed the world of long-distance relationships. There are so many interactive sex toys out there to help couples tease, interact, and even stimulate each other from opposite ends of the globe. 

Don’t get us wrong, we know that online apps and sex toys will never take the place of your partner, but they can certainly make the struggles of a lonely night a lot easier, as well as being super fun to play around with. 

If you not sure where to start, here is a list we have put together of some of the best sex gifts for long-distance relationships that we’re sure your partner would love to find in their stockings this holiday season. 

Long-Distance Sex Toys

If you are looking for a way to pleasure your significant other while being thousands of miles apart, here is a list of interactive sex toys for you both to enjoy. 

We-vibe sync & We-connect

Technology is really taken to a whole new level with this toy and app combo. Each of you gets a separate sex toy that can be controlled from anywhere in the world using the Bluetooth connected app. Simply, touch the screen and their toy activates so that your partner can experience the sensation of your movement in real-time. It really is that easy. This interactive sex toy makes being intimate exciting and fun, even from thousands of miles away. 

You can purchase this sex gift for long-distance relationship at We Vibe.


Lush & Hush 

Lush and Hush is a great long-distance sex toy for couples wanting something a bit kinkier, and that makes them some of the most popular sex gifts for long-distance relationships. Lush is an egg vibrator that sits inside of you and is controlled through Bluetooth by either yourself, your partner, or can even be set to music. It can be paired with Hush, the first teledildonic butt plug to hit the world of technology if your partner enjoys a bit of prostate or anal stimulation. They can be used at the same time and controlled by each other to really amp up the fun, or just simply switch off and enjoy the power play. 

You can purchase both products at Lovesence.



If you are the submissive type in the bedroom and like your partner to take full control, then this could be the interactive sex toy for you. Vibease is a wearable vibrator that gives your partner all of the power. You simply wear it and then your partner controls it through their phone. It’s super discreet too, so you can even keep it on all day as you go about your business while receiving a cheeky and sexy “hello” from bae. It can even be synced up to audiobooks and more to continue the fun for longer.

You can purchase this kinky long-distance sex toy from Vibease (use this link and get a 20% discount!)


Kiiroo Onyx & Kiiroo Pearl 

For those on the hunt for a good sex gift for long-distance relationships than look no further than the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl. Kiiroo provides a vibrator and male masturbator that can be synced up even across very long distances. Not just that, it goes a step further by also linking to their FeelMe online platform with virtual reality adult content. While the Onyx and Pearl set is perfect for heterosexual couples, you can purchase the Onyx and Onyx sets or Pearl and Pearl for same-sex couples to enjoy. 

This long-distance relationship gift can be purchased from Amazon.



If you’re after a more traditional vibrator then the esthesia may be one of the best interactive sex gifts for your long-distance relationships. This is a perfect sex toy for you both to enjoy as a couple if the idea of wearing a vibrator out and about in the world seems a bit too intense for your liking. Esthesia offers both clitoral and G-spot stimulation. Your partner has full control, making it a perfect addition to virtual sexting or a steamy phone sex session. 

You can purchase this stimulating interactive sex toy from Vibrease (use this link and get a 20% discount!)


Desire Panty Vibrator 

If you’re looking to entice your sex life from opposite sides of the globe, then this panty vibrator is something that your partner can subtly wear while feeling sparks of stimulated fun throughout their day. Surprise her in the middle of her boring work meeting with an intense sensation by turning up the vibrations to level 12 and this will be a long distance relationship gift she will not forget!

This long-distance relationship gift can be purchased from LoveHoney.


Vector Prostate Massager 

The Vector Prostate Massager is another excellent choice as a sex gift for long-distance relationships as it can be controlled from an entirely different city. The Vector is an adjustable perineum and prostate massager with firm but gentle vibrations that are sure to hit all of the right spots. It can be controlled by you for those lonely nights in or controlled by your partner to feel connected from different areas of the country. 

You can purchase this long-distance sex gift from LoveHoney


Moxie Clitoral Panty Vibrator 

Moxie is a great wearable clitoral vibrator that makes a great long-distance sex toy for couples wanting to stay feeling connected from miles apart. It can be controlled by your partner through the We-Connect app. It is designed to be worn discreetly underneath clothing and stays in place with a magnetic clip. It provides powerful yet quiet vibrations, meaning it can be worn out and about to the club, a restaurant, or even to the grocery store. 

This interactive sex toy can be purchased from LoveHoney


Long-Distance Relationship Gifts 

If you are looking for a gift with a difference to help your long-distance relationship stay alive and the spark between you and your partner to keep burning brightly, then take a pick from one of the long-distance sex toys we have listed. There is an interactive sex toy for everyone to suit all needs and pleasure points. 

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