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10 Signs He Wants to Make Love to You

We’ve all been there, does he like me as a friend or is there something more to this? Some guys can be pretty upfront about whether or not they want to have sex with you. Whereas others can be less forthcoming about the matter. This can be for several reasons, perhaps you’re friends or work colleagues; one of you may already be in a relationship, or he’s simply too shy to say it. In this article, we are going to explore the subtle and sometimes not so subtle signs he wants to make love to you. 

First things first, someone who wants to make love to you, is different from someone who is just looking for sex. When someone just wants to have sex, it’s purely physical attraction. Whereas someone who wants to make love is attracted to more than your body. Of course, men that want to make love to you are still attracted to you sexually, but it means more than a one-night stand.

Another thing to note is that, whilst a man may want to make love to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to be in a relationship. That’s not to say they don’t but there may be other factors to consider. 

We are now going to look at the top 10 signs he wants to make love to you: 

1. He can’t stop looking at you! 

If there is one thing I know for sure, a huge sign he fancies you is that he cannot stop eyeing you up. Have you ever had that feeling like you can feel someone’s gaze lingering on you? When someone starts to see you sexually, they can’t help but look at you. You may even find that their gaze starts to wander whilst they’re talking to you, particularly to your… assets. Another tale-tell sign is that they even lick their lips when they look at you. They probably don’t even realise that they’re doing it. So watch out for that lingering stare. 

2. They make excuses to touch you

A huge sign that he wants to have sex with you is that they will make any excuse to touch you. This may start as removing a fallen eyelash off your face or a hair that’s fallen on your arm. And let’s face it when someone who we fancy touches us, it’s like electricity. This can move on to being more playful, and then to their touch lingering a little longer than usual. 

However, we must point out that this is only applicable in a post-pandemic world. Also, this point may be redundant in a few months, when everyone is so touch starved that we just hold on to everyone. But, you’ll know the vibe, when they give you a little extra attention. 


3. He sends you a lot of messages and replies super quickly

If your replies are coming in super quick, this is a red hot sign that he wants to make love to you. Also, you need to examine the context of these messages, is he getting flirty? Is he asking questions trying to get to know you better? Sometimes it’s easier to convey how you feel over message rather than IRL, so if he’s dedicating his evenings to messaging you to get to know you better, you best believe you’re stirring something in his pants. 

4. Check out his body language

When a guy is into you, he wants to be around you… all the time! And when he’s around you, he wants to close the distance between you both as much as possible too. So, have you noticed that he always sits next to you, in a group situation? Is he so close his arm keeps bumping into you?

Other things to look out for are his body language. For example, he will literally be facing you, his feet will point towards you, he looks a little longer than necessary at you, he licks his lips, his body can’t help but want to be near you. This is one of the best signs that a man is attracted to you sexually. 

5. He asks you about your sex life 

Ok, so this is a tough one because it can come across as super creepy if asked in the wrong way, and if you’re not into the flirty back and forth he’s trying to create. But, he’s just trying to gauge a reaction from you when he brings up the topic of sex. Obviously, if you recoil, he’s going to know that you’re not on the same page. However, he’s just trying to work out whether or not there’s a space for him in your next romantic encounter. 

6. He tries to get you over to his house 

One of the biggest signs that he wants to make love to you is that he tries to centre plans around being at his place. This could be as subtle as a drink back at his after you’ve been out for food or drinks. Or going full in with an offer of some ‘Netflix and chill.’ 


7. He tries to set ‘the mood’ when you visit his house 

Ok, this goes beyond making sure that the dishes are done and he’s hoovered the carpets. Have you noticed that every time you visit, the lights are dimmed,  some candles flickering in the corner, or perhaps he’s got some insense burning to create an atmosphere? Basically, he’s trying to create the perfect setting for seduction. Or he might just put on a sexy movie to get you in the mood… 50 Shades of Grey anyone? 

8. He makes an extra effort to look nice 

A sign that he fancies you is when you’ve noticed he’s made extra effort to look good in front of you. It’s classic peacocking! Maybe his aftershave smells a little stronger, he’s actually ironed his shirt or had a massive style upgrade. He’s trying to catch your attention and let you know what’s on offer! 

9. He compliments you 

Does he compliment a certain outfit, or when you wear your hair down? This is a sign that he wants to have sex with you. Most men don’t even notice when we’ve had a dramatic haircut, so if he’s picking up on the details, like an outfit, he’s definitely got some naughty thoughts going on in the brain. 

10. He’s flirting with you and dropping hints 

Ok so the biggest sign that he wants to make love to you, is that he’s openly flirting! This can start as some flirty banter which then leads to full-blown outrageous flirting. For example, if you tell him you’re off for a shower and he gives you a cheeky wink and says he wishes he could join. That kind of flanter, means he definitely thinks about you naked. 

When it comes to working out if he wants to make love to you, you really just need to try and pick up on his subconscious, and sometimes conscious, behaviour towards you. The main thing to note is that someone who just wants to have sex with you, will not go out of their way to get to know you on a deeper level, whereas someone who wants to make love to you, is looking for an emotional connection as well as physical connection. 



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