17 Of The Most Romantic Holidays To Spend With Your Loved One

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17 Of The Most Romantic Holidays To Spend With Your Loved One

When we think of romantic holidays, there are a few that instantly spring to mind. But did you know, there are heaps of couples holidays for you and your loved one to enjoy? Read our comprehensive list of the most loved up days of the year – so you can get your groove on day after day after day.

1. January 6th: National Cuddle Up Day

Rolling round every January and coming hot on the heels of one of the biggest holidays of the year, Cuddle Up Day, is the perfect end to the Christmas festivities. 

Cuddling not only keeps you warm (January is pretty cold), it’s good for you too (who knew?).

Cuddling releases the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is hugely beneficial to our health – reducing pain and making us feel good. Cuddling also makes us feel safe, protected and loved. What’s not to love about this romantic holiday for couples? 

Make a memory: Reconnect with your significant other – a cuddle is free so you can give as many as you want. Light some candles, cuddle up on the sofa and polish off the last of the Christmas sweet treats as you remind each other just how much you enjoy that perfect cuddle.

2. January 26th: National Spouses Day

Marriage is an age-old institution that has stood the test of time. Whilst most couples will take time out to remember the special day their marriage first began, this holiday allows you to celebrate the other 364 days of married life. National Spouses Day is a nod to the commitment and sacrifice it takes to nurture and maintain a strong and healthy relationship – and to give thanks for the loving connection you share together.

Once again, this romantic holiday falls in the depths of winter, when the days are short and the weather is bleak. National Spouses Day is a romantic holiday that offers a bit of light, love and laughter amid the darkness of a lackluster season.

Make a memory: Why not look at photos of birthdays, date nights, days out at the beach? These are the moments when we truly find ourselves enjoying each other. Expressing how much these fleeting moments mean will remind you of why you would choose only each other time and time again. 

3. February 12 - 18th: International Flirting Week

In our frenzy to find the perfect Valentine’s card  – we’ve missed out on International Flirting Week. A whole week dedicated to the pursuit of new possibilities and potentially flaming hot passions, what fun!

Celebrated in the second week of February this week is dedicated to those who are in the throes of initiating a romantic interlude and also to those who have found their perfect match but still want to keep the flirting vibes alive. 

Make a memory: the possibilities are endless here, flirting can be exhilaratingly subtle or outrageously obvious. A simple post it note left out for your loved one with a fanciful expression of desire might be enough for some. Other couples might want to mix it up with something more outlandish to get the heart racing.  

4. February 13th: Kiss Day

A day when love is expressed without words –  a simple kiss is enough to convey all the heart has to offer. 

The precursor to the love fest that is Valentine’s Day, this holiday for couples is a homage to the universal expression of love – the kiss. Be it a polite peck or full on passionate clinch, the kiss can say more than a thousand words. So pucker up and take time to smooch the one you love. Go on, it’s Kiss Day!

Make a memory: Kiss, Kiss and Kiss again! Reminisce about that first kiss, that unforgettable makeup kiss or share the promise of a sultry kiss you’ve always dreamt of to get passions rising.

5. February 14th: Saint Valentine’s Day

Ok, so we know you’re already going to be a dab hand at celebrating this romantic holiday but it’s worth reminding ourselves that this is the day to go all out in the romance department. If you smashed Kiss Day and you’re wanting to follow up with that extra dollop of full on romance, this is the day to do it. 

Make a memory: If you’re in a long term relationship the most romantic gift of all could be a token of appreciation for all your partner does. Perhaps pick up their least favorite chores, cook dinner or go for a leisurely stroll and reminisce on all those things that you love most about each other. Or, go all out and bling your way through the day with flowers, chocolates and super cute tokens of affection.

6. March 20th: National Proposal Day

National Proposal Day might just give you the push you need to get down on bended knee. Falling on the vernal spring equinox, the stars are in total alignment. If that’s not a sign from the heavens that today is the day, then what is?

Make a memory: the boundaries are limitless with this one. Choose a place that’s part of your personal love story or select somewhere you’ve never been before for the perfect proposal. 

7. March 26th: Black Marriage Day

A relatively new addition to the couples’ calendar, this romantic holiday was first celebrated in 2003. Designed to promote and strengthen marriage within black communities, this holiday has grown in popularity and is now celebrated widely. 

Make a memory: today is the day to celebrate your marriage and your love and devotion to each other – even through the challenging times. A simple supper, feasting over your favorite food might be just enough to show your shared appreciation. Or, perhaps an all out date night is in order.

8. April 16th: Husband Appreciation Day

For most of us, marriage involves compromise pretty much everyday. It also involves jobs and chores we don’t always revel in completing. So, Husband Appreciation Day could be an absolute relationship winner by simply picking up a couple of your husband’s least favorite jobs on the list. And, if you serve that up with a winning smile and some considered affirmations – you will have one happy husband on your hands.

Make a memory: Bang his favorite food in the oven, crack open his preferred tipple and let him take over the TV all night. And, if you’re both the husband in the house, roll this romantic holiday over to the following day too – it’s only fair. 

9. April 23rd: Lover’s Day

A couples’ holiday that’s all about the love shared between you and your significant other. Coming at the peak of spring, this holiday is all about new beginnings and flourishing growth. If you’re lovers at the start of your relationship or even those whose love has been in bloom for sometime, this day is all about the love. Spoil your lover with cards and flowers or perhaps just with unadulterated love, it’s up to you. 

Make a memory: Lover’s Day is the perfect reason to bring out your amorous side – be it making more of an effort to hold hands over the dinner table or to book a night away for a more adventurous display of affection. It’s all up to you. 


10. April 25th: Kiss And Make Up Day

Let’s be real, no one’s perfect. So this is a day we can all celebrate. Even if you haven’t argued for quite some time, why not take the chance to devote yourselves to a day of puckering up and remembering how exciting those make up kisses can be?

Make a memory: we’re not advocating starting an argument just so you can enjoy the make up kiss but it might be worth sharing a relaxing drink as you reminisce over those major arguments – and the amazing makeups afterwards!

11. May 1st: Global Love Day

A relatively new addition to the couples’ calendar, this romantic holiday was first celebrated in 2003. Designed to promote and strengthen marriage within black communities, this holiday has grown in popularity and is now celebrated widely. 

Make a memory: today is the day to celebrate your marriage and your love and devotion to each other – even through the challenging times. A simple supper, feasting over your favorite food might be just enough to show your shared appreciation. Or, perhaps an all out date night is in order.

12. May 12th: Military Spouse Day

Most married couples will tell you that you have to work hard to achieve a happy marriage – but aren’t all the best things in life worth going the extra mile for? Military marriage requires an extra level of commitment and dedication – and Military Spouse Day is all about celebrating that. 

Make a memory: finding time for love can be a challenge but if one of you is currently deployed, it adds an extra layer of difficulty to experience intimate moments. Whilst you may be used to conducting married life virtually, why not dress up for this one or even read out a pre-prepared love letter? Reminding yourself that love knows no boundaries could be really rewarding. 

13. June 12th: National Loving Day

Established as a celebration of interracial marriage and as a reminder to fight against prejudice at every turn, National Loving Day is a couples’ holiday to be shared by all. A reminder that the path to  love can face significant challenges and barriers – and that once we find it, we should treasure it always. 

Make a memory: go out of your way to be that supportive partner today. Whether you two are lucky enough to have avoided barriers to your relationship, you can appreciate how much you mean to each other, and how hard life would be without one another. 


14. August 18th: National Couple’s Day

You chose each other for a reason, today is the day to remember those reasons. Becoming a couple is a major moment in your life and whilst that moment may have passed many moons ago, it’s important to take the time to recall the start of your relationship. A national couples holiday that can take you back in time and remind you where and why it all started. 

Make a memory: get out the old photo box and laugh at the crazy hairstyles, recall those first trembling moments where it all started. Share a meal or just a drink, but remember just what it was that brought you together, and be grateful. 

15. September 18th: Wife Appreciation Day

Falling on the third Sunday in September, this couple’s holiday is all about the wife. Whilst no marriage is plain sailing, this romantic holiday gives you the chance to say there’s no one else you’d prefer to be in the boat with. 

Make a memory: You can go big or you can go small, whatever you know your wife will appreciate. For some wives, doing the laundry will be just enough for you to signal your love and appreciation – others will revel in something more extravagant like a personalized piece of jewelry or a cute photograph in a frame. 

16. October 14th: I Love You Day

This one extends beyond the confines of your significant other, but what’s not to enjoy about a day devoted to expressing love to others? 

Make a memory: Being mindful of saying those three little words might just make you aware  that you don’t say them often enough, or that you mean them more than you realized. Love, be it new or old can quickly become a thing we take for granted – so go on, delve deep and tell your loved one that they mean the world to you. 

17. December 3rd: Let’s Hug Day

Well, we’ve almost ended where we began – the power of a deep, loving hug remains as nurturing at the end of the year as it did at the beginning. As the days retreat into darkness once more, conclude your year of romantic couple’s holidays in the arms of your loved one. Wrap your arms around tightly and embrace all a hug can bestow – warmth, kindness, love, reconciliation, forgiveness or just simply comfort. 

Make a memory: remember sitting on the sofa at the start of the year, embracing your significant other? Well, you get to do it all again as the year draws to a close. Take a moment to reflect on all the romantic holidays you’ve shared and to feel blessed that you’ve savored them together.

Whether you’re an old romantic and choose to celebrate each one of these relationship holidays, or there’s just one or two that inspire you; remember, love is a 365 day a year gift. It requires nurturing to sustain it so don’t let these special days pass you by. Live, love and be loved – and pretty much everything else will take care of itself. 


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