Born this way and the rest are tattoos: LGBTQ tattoos ideas

Let’s get one thing straight – these LGBTQ tattoos are not! They’re the proudest, campiest, and most colorful tattoos possible. So if you’re feeling particularly proud of who you are and who you love, perhaps it’s time to get an LGBT pride tattoo as a visual reminder of why you’re so special.


Whether you want a discrete and subtle LGBT tattoo or something big, bright and bold – tattoos are the perfect permanent celebration of everything delightful that you are. After all, us queerdos are often told to not be loud and in your face – so today, stand up proudly and show the world you’ll never be silenced. 


Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best LGBTQ tattoo ideas – from lesbian tattoos to gay tattoos to trans tattoo. We’ve got something to match the full spectrum of the rainbow. We leave no one behind.


If you see something you like – and decide to replicate some of these design ideas, just be sure to give the talented tattoo artist credit.

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LGBT pride tattoos

To start, let’s look at the best LGBT pride tattoos – all of which feature the iconic rainbow colors synonymous with our irrefutable sense of pride and courage. 

Rainbow bracelet

Who’s it best for? The proudest LGBT community members.

First on our list of LGBTQ tattoos is a bold and timeless statement piece – a rainbow bracelet you can wear forever. None of us should ever feel afraid to wear our sexuality out loud.

Rainbow lightning

Who’s it best for? Those feeling charged up and ready to fight for freedom.

It’s our duty as a generation to never lose the power our fellow men and women in history fought so strongly for. A lightning bolt represents the strength that our community will always encompass – no matter who goes against us.

Colorful lion

Who’s it best for? Big-hearted souls feeling as brave as a lion.

Want a bold design? This large and colorful lion one may well be perfect for you. These kinds of large and in-charge LGBTQ tattoos mean you can quite literally wear your heart on your sleeve.

Subtle LGBT tattoos

Now let’s look at the most subtle LGBT tattoos – sometimes you don’t need to scream and shout to get your point across. Simple still works just as well.

Tiny heart

Who’s it best for? Loved-up queerdos with nothing but kindness to give to the world.

What better way to sum up pride than with a tiny but mighty rainbow colored heart? Love will always win. No one can bring us down.

Rainbow dots

Who’s it best for? Those who can’t quite decide on what they want.

Out of ideas? Want something small, classic and simple? These technicolor dots are classy and subtle – and you can always choose to layer them up if you think that seven dots aren’t quite enough.

Wine glass

Who’s it best for? Wine-lovers and party-animals.

Is your idea of heaven a big glass of cold pinot and a get-down to Chromatica on the dance floor of your local gay bar? Same here! This fun but subtle wine glass tattoo could be just for you. 

Lesbian tattoos

If you’re a girl who likes girls, check out the ideas below – there are a few lesbian couples tattoos, plus others which are fun and queer for all the female single pringles out there.

Tarot card

Who’s it best for? Spiritual souls.

This LGBTQ take on the typical lovers tarot card is perfect for lesbians who are into all things other-worldly. It’ll also work great as a lesbian couples tattoo if your destiny is to be together forever. 

Day of the dead lovers

Who’s it best for? Lesbians proud of their Mexican heritage.

This day of the dead-style lesbian tattoo is super unique and sums up the phrase ‘till death do us part’. We love it. 

Two females

Who’s it best for? Loved-up lesbians.

This tattoo could have also gone under the subtle LGBT tattoos section. Featuring two interlinked symbols for females – representing the hand-in-hand intertwining of two loved-up lovers. You don’t need much more than this!

Gay tattoo ideas

If you’re a guy who likes guys, these are the best gay tattoo ideas to celebrate your love. As expected, they’re the campiest ones out of them all.

Gay Mickey

Who’s it best for? Muscle heads and Disney fans.

This one might be NSFW, but boy is it well designed. Who ever said Mickey Mouse can’t be ripped to shreds? We just hope there’s no copyright infringement going on here.

Born this way

Who’s it best for? Lady Gaga fans.

Not to say that all gay men love Lady Gaga – but c’mon, a lot of us do! So if it’s something small and subtle you want, how about this ‘born this way’ tattoo – perfectly combining the iconic song lyrics with the rainbow colors. 

Heartbeat kiss

Who’s it best for? Doting lovers.

This one might not be the campiest, but it’s certainly the sweetest. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – us members of the LGBTQ community just want to love and be loved. So this tattoo of a lover’s kiss and a beating heartline is the perfect way to represent our huggable snuggable side.

Trans tattoo ideas

Lastly, let’s look at the best trans tattoo ideas. Based around the colors of the trans flag, these tattoos should take center stage in the current fight for trans rights all around the world. Hate never wins!


Who’s it best for? Super proud butterflies.

Feeling as free as a beautiful butterfly? With its bold anime-style DNA strand design, this is one of the best trans tattoo ideas – representing your newfound freedom. Never let anyone tell you who you are and how you should live your life.


Who’s it best for? People who don’t take life too seriously.

Next on our list of the best trans tattoo ideas is this cute trans flag-waving frog – because you know, why the heck not, right? Who can resist that adorable smile?

Self made man

Who’s it best for? Proud transgender men

Featuring the chemical formula for testosterone, this tattoo represents the minor differences between men and women – just a bunch of hormones. And that’s it.

LGBTQ tattoos: like something you see?

Here at enamoree, we’re all about love and acceptance. Some members of our own team are from the LGBT community – and these gay, lesbian, and trans tattoos are right up their street. 

Are you thinking of getting one for yourself? Take a closer look at the best tattoo ideas for some inspiration.

In the meantime, if you’ve got an LGBTQ tattoo yourself that you think we should know about,  please do tell us in the comments! 

We’d love to see what you’ve got.

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