A Guide to the Different Types of Sex Toys

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First of all, let’s address the large vibrating elephant in the room –  sex toys have a stigma attached to them. And not the kind of attachments that give pleasure, either.

Sadly, there’s still a lot of shame associated with inviting a little battery-operated friend to keep you company at night. The fact is that orgasms relieve stress, promote a healthier general demeanour, and (whisper it quietly) they feel really good!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time shopper looking for sex toys for beginners, or a seasoned vibrator veteran on the hunt for the latest extreme sex toys. We want you to be unapologetic about how you choose to enjoy yourself. 

The team at enamoree invites you to lie back, find a nearby electrical socket and enjoy our guide to the different types of sex toys. 


Bullet Vibrators

A small vibrator that softly guides your body towards a lip-quivering orgasm, this is the perfect place to start with when it comes to sex toys for beginners. If you’re finding the sex toy spectrum a little overwhelming, this small but powerful bullet is the ideal introduction. 

By gently massaging your clitoris, the powerful hum of this small vibrator will inspire euphoric climaxes. 

Fitted with a bend to stimulate the g-spot, this vibrator can tantalise the contours of your body, and leave you intensely satisfied. 

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Wearable Vibrator 

If your sex toy search is more focused on mutual enjoyment for you and your partner then a wearable vibrator will bring endless evenings of joy.  

Wearable vibrators are one of the leading and most sophisticated advancements in guilt-free sex toys. This vibrating couples’ ring pulses through both lovers to give a mutually intense climax. 

While this vibrating cock ring is more powerful than its smaller counterparts, it also helps couples to experience better orgasms. By placing the thickest part of the wearable vibrator upwards during penetration, it will touch both partners’ bodies for ultimate orgasmic intimacy. 

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Geeky Sex Toys

Don’t forget that sex is supposed to be fun, and your erotic toys should sometimes reflect that!

Geeky sex toys are becoming increasingly popular. Sci-fi aficionados and horror junkies can now find a gothic paradise full of pumpkin butt plugs and zombie dildos.

Whether you want orgasms that’ll last longer than the ending of Lord Of The Rings, or plan to set your vibrators to stun, there’s something for every unconventional taste here.

Here are just a few of the fun and inventive products on offer to cheeky geeks::

  • Halloween pumpkin butt plugs and dildos 
  • Doctor Who themed sex toys 
  • Star Wars themed silicone sex toys 
  • Fantasy-themed dildos and ball gags
  • Superhero themed silicone sex toys
  • Hentai sex toys 

In other words, if you’re looking for the kind of sex life that looks like it was directed by George Lucas then you’ve come to the right place! These geeky sex toys will have you or your partner screaming louder than the line to meet Mark Hamill at Comic-Con. 

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Anal Sex Toys

For the more adventurous and seasoned sex experts, anal sex toys come in various shapes, sizes and materials. Anal sex shouldn’t be a shameful subject, and it’s unfortunate that so many curious people don’t know where to start for fear of being judged!

When indulging in anal sex play, stay safe and be sure to use a lubricant to avoid making what should be a fun and intimate experience a dry and painful one! 


Types Of Anal Sex Toys

  • Finger Stimulators: If you’re an anal apprentice and haven’t yet fully explored your interest, play it safe and look into a small and non-threatening anal finger stimulator. 
  • Anal Dildos and Vibrators: The next step up from the vibrating finger, anal dildos and vibrators cater to all shapes and sizes. 
  • Dual Penetrators: Adventurous couples searching for an intimate lovemaking session may want to look into dual penetrators for a greater orgasmic connection in their lovemaking. 
  • Butt Plugs: These are made to give the sensation of fullness in penetration. Their small tips allow for easier insertion before the wider bottom fulfils its purpose and stimulates the anus. 
  • Anal Beads: Anal beads are essentially a line of silicon balls of varying sizes. These soft balls increase in size as they’re inserted. Their sensory strength lies in the gradually growing size of the silicon balls. 
  • Anal Hooks: If you’re interested in a range of more extreme sex toys, or curious about BDSM, Anal hooks are an intense introduction to anal bondage play. 

Most importantly, if you’re engaging in anal play with a partner, don’t forget to make sure that they’re enjoying the experience and feel comfortable.!

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Anal Sex Toy Materials

Before settling on that anal sex toy that feels just right, consider the materials you prefer. Silicone dildos make anal sex easier in terms of movement and flexibility, but standard silicone sex toys aren’t for everyone. 

So, if you prefer to feel something more firm, glass sex toys are more likely to be right up your alley. While glass sex toys are less flexible, they offer a more powerful sensation when inserted, and remain rigid for extra pleasure. 

Buy Glass Anal Sex Toys

Sex Toys For Couples 

There’s nothing wrong with flying solo and indulging in some adult sex toys, but sometimes bringing in a little freelance help in the bedroom can spice up the lovemaking of any couple. 

App-enabled vibrators bring your sex life right up to the modern age. Is social distancing feeling like a passionless prison for you? These app-enabled vibrators will make that distance soon feel like a fun and naughty game. 

This digital tease runs off batteries via a USB charging cable, and suits water-based lubes to make being out in public a discreetly sensual affair. 

Boasting multiple levels of pressure intensities and vibration settings, this silicone sex toy is kind to the body and even kinder to your most intimate areas. 

Buy Sex Toys for Couples

Male Masturbators

Male sex toys are still probably the most taboo of all the erotic implements. However, that hasn’t stopped the sex industry from giving male adult sex toys an upgrade!

Many male masturbator toys now use adjustable contractions and a multi-sensation sleeve to give the penis a wireless sexual experience with adjustable suction settings. 

Additional vagina sleeves provide these male adult sex toys with a more realistic feel for extra sensuality. 

Buy Male Masturbators

Cupid Stunt Cards

A fantastic blend of romance and eroticism, erotic card game boxes offer fun kinky games, sensual roleplay ideas and spine-tingling sex scenarios.

The build of anticipation for this naughty little box to be pushed through your letterbox will drive you and your partner wild with desire. The immersive nature of the game makes for some very memorable dirty weekends!

This service isn’t just aimed at couples, either. Lone wolves can be their own booty calls by ordering this and flying solo. Treat yourself!

Buy Cupid Stunt Cards

Perhaps someday the sex toy stigma will be long gone. But for now, enjoy your guilt-free sex toys and indulge in a little pleasure, whether alone or with partners. 

Not everyone wants to take only a book to bed, so be proud and unashamed of your sexual needs. Think of the choice of sex toys out there as your own personal playground. Play safe, play fair and most important of all; have fun!

And if you’re introducing sex toys into a relationship or one night stand, don’t forget that it’s only good sex when both parties feel comfortable.  Be sure to respect set boundaries, and get consent before you plug in and get turned on! 

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