Proposing? Here Are The Best Proposal Props To Use

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Marriage proposals, popping the question, getting down on one knee. Whichever way you choose to define it, proposing is one of the most intimate moments of a relationship. But how do you make it special? There are so many proposal ideas that you can incorporate, to ensure that your moment is personalised, creative, and tailored to your significant other. 

Before we show you our picks, let’s go over some things you should consider but perhaps haven’t just yet. Remember that while you’re catering to your other half, you should also make it equally special and personal for yourself. Just because you’re proposing, doesn’t mean the sole focus should be on your future fiance.

Take the time to think about how you’d like to propose and what you’d like to do. Proposing is (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. You want to make sure it’s memorable in all of the best ways. If you’re struggling with proposal ideas and props, we have some genius proposal ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Proposal Ring Box

Choosing the right proposal ring takes time, effort, and in some cases, a long wait for customizations. Regardless of the cost of the ring, you’ll choose it to match the personality of your future fiance. But let’s think about the actual ring box. Many people opt for velvet boxes, in generally blue, black, or red which can be can be rather lacklustre…but it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s have a look at this beautiful, geometric-shaped ring box from Amazon.

This stunning ring box comes in four different options: black, silver, copper, or rustic copper. It also comes with either a green moss or white sand filling, the perfect options to choose when customizing your proposal ring box. Depending on the nature of the ring and your significant other, you can choose a combination that suits your needs. We think this is a fantastic option for proposal ideas!

Quirky Props

Our next choice is every book lover’s dream. This custom folded book art is the perfect way to surprise your loved one with not only a proposal but a keepsake for life. 

proposing marry me book

With the ability to choose whichever text you like, if you didn’t want to go down the ‘marry me’ route, you could choose the date you met or a city that’s significant. There are so many possibilities when it comes to proposal ideas that the only limitations are with your creativity.

Piece It Together

If you’ve spent time together by playing board games and completing puzzles, this may just be perfect for you. In a choice of wood varieties and sizes, check out these customized wooden puzzle pieces.

No doubt that a puzzle pro would have it completed in a matter of seconds. But this is the perfect way to showcase your partner’s personality and also your creativity. Thinking about your partner and their interests will leave you with an idea that will have a thoughtful, lasting impact.

At Home Proposal

With the global pandemic still looming, there are limitations when it comes to what you can do. Depending on your city, state or county, there are so many varied rules that using proposal ideas at home may be the best bet.

Proposing at home doesn’t have to be boring, nor does it have to be wildly extravagant. There are some fantastic ways in which you can make your partner feel special, while still being in the comfort of your own home. 

Displays Or Arrangements

Red roses are synonymous with proposals, this is a unique and beautiful way to incorporate them:

proposing rose boxes with the lettering for marry me

These rose-lettered ‘marry me’ decorations are one of the genius proposal ideas which can be used within an outdoor as well as indoor setting. If you want to set the mood within your home, you can always opt to purchase them with additional lights, or even source a few fairly lights yourself. Not to mention, a trail of rose petals which leads to this fantastic piece, is a way to show you’ve really put some effort into making the occasion special. What’s even more special is that these are not real roses and so you can keep the display to remind you of the occasion for years to come. 

Minimal With Maximum Impact

Is going all out not your style? Perhaps you and your partner would prefer something understated, at home that you can enjoy together. This warrants a more modest proposal. If this is the case, we have the perfect idea for proposing.

proposing fortune cookie on a green napkin with an engagement ring and will you marry me on the note

If you’ve taken the time and gone to the trouble of cooking your future fiance a fantastic meal, this is the perfect way to end it. These special fortune cookies hold a hidden question within them. You’ll be able to see the reaction on your partner’s face when the penny drops and they realize you want to spend your life with them. A truly magical moment that can be achieved right at home.

Hidden Message 

For another minimal idea, here’s a candle with a difference. Most proposal prop candles consist of a message written on the candle jar itself, but this one packs a little extra punch. 

proposing candle with marry me wign underneath the wax

Lighting the candle, your future fiance will have no idea what’s about to happen. You can light the candle, enjoy your meal or movie and get them to check back in to get the most wonderful surprise. Personally, we had no idea that something like this existed. It’s this kind of creativity that makes home proposals so unique.

Outdoor Proposal Ideas

With being so confined indoors lately, the warmer weather brings an opportunity to change your scenery and think of some outdoor proposal ideas. Getting outside means breathing some fresh air and also allows the creative reign to be able to think up a magical scene. Of course, there are the classic ideas of setting up a picnic or a beautiful scene. Why not use a backdrop to make everything tie together, ready for a picture-perfect moment.

proposing large tapestry reading 'It was always you'

This clean design is bound to go with any pre-existing decorations you may have chosen. It’s also perfect for any follow-up occasions such as an engagement party or even the wedding itself. Using these versatile outdoor proposal ideas gives you plenty of opportunities to use them again!

Adding Light

When it comes to outdoor proposal ideas at home, adding ambiance is essential. Taking your outdoor space and transforming it into a magical place can be achieved in several different ways. One of the main things to do is consider lighting, especially if your proposal is planned for the evening. These beautiful LED light-up balloons are an amazing way to create a beautiful space. 

proposing LED light up balloons

With a few different colour options, including white and multicoloured, you can choose the best option to suit your fiance, setting, and mood. We’d recommend thinking carefully about the other decorations you have chosen. For instance, red roses may fit with the red LED balloons, whereas multicoloured ones may suit if your partner has a colourful and vibrant personality. It’s also good to mention that you should include some of your own style and taste. After all, proposing is an occasion to celebrate the both of you.

A Few Tips

Before you propose, here are a few tips to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The Date

Make sure you choose the correct day and time to pop the question. It may be an idea to avoid birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s day, or any other special occasion. Leave proposing to an entirely unique day and perhaps one that’s significant to your relationship.

Friends & Family

A lovely gesture is to have friends and family nearby to celebrate. Once you have a moment yourselves to process the news and share the joy with each other, your close friends and family come next. If you organize for them to be around and once you’ve popped the question, you can have all of your nearest and dearest around you to celebrate. It’s a very personal and thoughtful touch.


It will be a unique experience that you want to remember. Chances are, in the height of emotions, neither of you will remember exactly what has happened. This is why having a discreet photographer around to capture the moment, will give you beautiful memories. Not only are these pictures fantastic as a memory, but great to use during a potential engagement party or even your wedding. 


You know your partner best. This in itself will help you plan an engagement that will be special to both of you. Don’t worry about any last-minute nerves, the chances are that your adrenaline will kick in and save the day! Breathe, say what you need to, and enjoy the moment.

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