2022’s Rainbow Celebrations: Pride London and Other Pride Events

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Summer 2022 means only one thing: a rainbow celebration of LGBT+ colours and people. Gatherings will be held up and down the country so LGBT+ voices are heard loud and clear. Whilst Pride London may be the biggest pride event, that doesn’t mean it’s the best. We’re here to list some other pride events taking place across the UK – all of which are just as fabulous. 

Whilst some official dates haven’t been confirmed and full event plans are yet to be announced, nothing can falter our pride. We’re crossing our fingers that the full list of nationwide Pride events will ALL go ahead in summer 2022. 

So, in major anticipation and uncontrollable excitement, here’s a look at the very best, most colourful pride events held across the UK – from Glasgow Pride to Pride London, and all the way down to Cornwall Pride.

Table of Contents

Gay Pride London


Seeing as London is the UK’s capital, Pride London knows how to put on one heck of a gay party. For one week or so in July, the capital’s vibrant streets become filled with endless streams of glittered-up party-people. It’s estimated that over 1.5 million people come to celebrate Pride London each year. And with that many people, you know for sure it’s going to be a lively day. 

What goes on?

The Pride London parade travels through the capital’s most iconic streets, including Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus, and Trafalgar Square. Plus there’s a variety of 60 LGBT+ London events and parties to choose from too – including multiple stages with some of the country’s best LGBT+ musicians and performers. It’s also a gay crime to turn down a cocktail or two at one of Soho’s many gay-friendly bars.

Why come to Pride London?

You’ll find your tribe amongst the millions of revellers. With its diverse crowd of all sexualities, ethnicities, and gender identities, Pride London is one of the most spectacular LGBT+ London events. You’ve never seen a big, bright, and beautiful celebration like this one.

When is Pride London 2022?

There’s no confirmed dates for Pride London 2022, but it usually takes place in July.  

Gay Pride Brighton


Brighton is the UK’s gay mecca, so of course Gay Pride Brighton is worth a visit. There’s a reason why Gay Pride Brighton calls itself ‘the UK’s biggest LGBTQ Pride festival’: it’s just so darn happy. It’s like one big knees up with a warm, welcoming family of over 500,000 people.

What goes on?

Usually there’s a parade that commences around 11 am. It runs from Hove Lawns all the way to the main festival site at Preston Park. Here there’s ‘Pride in the Park’ – an all-day party with beer-on-tap and a stellar lineup of A-list performers. Britney and Kylie Minogue were recent headliners – yep, you heard that right. So, make sure you get your tickets soon, as they sell out fast. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a drink over in Kempton’s Pride Village Party too.

Why come to Gay Pride Brighton?

Ever wanted a very gay day out at the seaside? Thought so. A visit to Gay Pride Brighton also means a merry visit to one of the country’s best seaside towns. Hopefully the summer weather holds out and brings glorious sunshine.

When is Gay Pride Brighton 2022?

Gay Pride Brighton 2022 will take place from August 5th – 7th.

Gay Pride Birmingham



Gay Pride Birmingham plays an important role in the town’s annual calendar. It’s a safe space for thousands of LGBT+ Brummies. In fact, an estimated 75,000 people now come to watch the parade. That’s a whole load of fellow loving party-goers up for a good time. Last year’s Gay Pride Birmingham theme was ‘Stronger Together’ – symbolising the unity of all LGBT+ community members in their fight against transphobia, biphobia, and homophobia. Only love wins in Birmingham city.

What goes on?

Gay Pride Birmingham has grown massively in its 45 years. There’s now plenty of stages with all sorts of campy performances to entertain you, including a dance arena, a cabaret stage, and a future stage (a showcase of Birmingham’s upcoming local talent). There’s also the main stage where plenty of big names perform, from Cheryl to Eve and Katy B to Drag Race UK’s Baga Chipz.

Why come to Gay Pride Birmingham?

Apart from its killer lineup (you can’t get much bettaah than Baga Chipz!), Gay Pride Birmingham is all about the fight against prejudice. It supports numerous LGBT+ charities and community groups, last year raising funds of over £388,596 for the local LGBT+ services. So, make your Gay Pride Birmingham visit truly matter by donating to the various charity stalls set up around the main festival village.

When is Gay Pride Birmingham 2022?

There’s no confirmed dates for Gay Pride Birmingham 2022, but it usually takes place in September.

Blackpool Pride


Pride in Blackpool is the UK’s pride festival underdog. What it lacks in numbers compared to let’s say, Pride London or Gay Pride Brighton, it certainly makes up for it with a whole load of big, gay energy. Plus, Blackpool Pride is growing, so expect the festivities to get better each year. There’s plenty of decent hotels in the area too, so why not make a weekend of it?

What goes on?

The main Blackpool Pride celebrations take place on the Tower Festival Headland. The annual parade usually gets underway around 11 am, so get there early if you want to take in the full day’s festivities. Some of the town’s previous festival headliners include Right Said Fred and the Scissor Sisters. And after last year’s Blackpool Pride was held virtually, we imagine the organisers are making 2022’s celebrations even more exciting.

Why come to Blackpool Pride?

Nothing is campier than Blackpool’s famous twinkling lights. And if its gay festivities weren’t enough, Blackpool has one of the UK’s most beloved amusement parks, Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Usually the Pleasure Beach is open late during Pride too, so make sure you give The Big One a ride.

When is Blackpool Pride 2022?

Blackpool Pride 2022 will take place from June 3rd – 5th.

Essex Pride


Essex Pride is a pride festival that flies under the radar, so you’re missing out if you’ve never given it a try. It’s held in the city of Chelmsford and has grown massively over the years. It now welcomes thousands of attendees from the local area.

What goes on?

Essex Pride takes place over two days and the entire family is invited to come soak up the buzzing atmosphere. 2021’s festivities saw plenty of fantastic performers take to the stage too, including B*Witched, Girls Aloud’s Nadine Coyle, and the Drag Race UK’s Essex star, Cheryl Hole.

Why come to Essex Pride?

Essex is the home of glitz and glamour here in the UK, so come celebrate Essex Pride in style. Chelmsford’s pubs and bars are stocking up on copious amounts of Prosecco as we speak.

When is Essex Pride 2022?

Essex Pride 2022 will take place on July 25th.

Leeds Pride


Around 50,000 LGBT+ locals attend Leeds Pride every year. The roads of Briggate are even shut off to make way for the thousands of pint-holding attendees. It’s one big street party, so don’t miss out. It’ll be a day (and night) you won’t forget – as long as you ease up on the bevvies!

What goes on?

As Yorkshire’s biggest celebration of LGBT+ life, locals simply cannot miss Leeds Pride. Usually the parade sets off around midday, with over 100 floats making their way through the city centre. So much of the city is painted with rainbow colours too, including the iconic Freedom Bridge over Lower Briggate.

Why come to Leeds Pride?

Leeds is well-known for being one of the UK’s best nights-out. So, come to Leeds Pride if you’re the stay-out-till-5am-type. Its selection of LGBT+ pubs, bars, and clubs include the Viaduct Showbar located in the city’s gay village. This area of downtown Leeds truly comes to life during pride season. Plus, the locals are super friendly – it’s Yorkshire, everyone is lovely!

When is Leeds Pride 2022?

Leeds Pride 2022 will take place on August 7th.

Cornwall Pride


Cornwall Pride is currently held in Newquay and has grown in vast numbers in the last few years. The most recent celebrations saw a whole host of different LGBT+ organisations and charities stand proud amongst the locals, making it one of the UK’s most wholesome pride events. You’ll end the day feeling loved, that’s for sure.

What goes on?

Usually the parade starts around 11 am on Beach Road and travels through the town’s streets towards its destination of Killacourt. There’s also Rainbowfest, a day party with plenty of live entertainment and good vibes. And for those wanting to carry on the party, there’s the ticketed Moonbow Party which pumps till 2 am. That’s where you want to go when your fun afternoon rolls into a late night.

Why come to Cornwall Gay Pride?

Cornwall may be the UK’s most tranquil county, but the peace and quiet is temporarily interrupted during pride season with roars of love and laughter. Show your face and join in Cornwall’s celebrations.

When is Cornwall Pride 2022?

Cornwall Pride 2022 will take place from August 27th – 28th.

Nottinghamshire Pride


Nottinghamshire Pride has so much for all the family. There’s a big, bright parade and plenty of other fun festivities including stalls, art workshops, and music performances. Your day here at Nottinghamshire Gay Pride is all about the education and celebration of LGBT+ acceptance.

What goes on?

Last year, the parade started at Albert Street around 11 am, so get there in time if you want to make the most of the festivities. You’ll enjoy being amongst huge crowds of proud Nottingham locals waving their flags high.

Why come to Nottinghamshire Pride?

Nottinghamshire Pride is all about the colourful parade. It’s held in this culturally rich city as a celebration of the local modern-day diversity. The celebrations remind everyone of how far we’ve all come and how much more fight is needed to combat homophobia and transphobia around the globe.

When is Nottinghamshire Pride 2022?

There’s no confirmed dates for Nottinghamshire Pride 2022, but it usually takes place in July.

Glasgow Pride


As Scotland’s largest LGBT+ festival, Glasgow Pride is a must for not just locals, but everyone around the UK. Glasgow Pride now also has around 50,000 attendees, so expect a big party with thousands of fellow revellers.

What goes on?

Around 5,000 people take part in the Glasgow Pride parade itself, so make sure you find a spot in time. Plenty of other festivities take place around the city too, including market stalls, fairground rides, and even a dog show. Your pooch is always welcome! There’s also a ticketed event held in Kelvingrove Park with a whole host of unmissable performances from dancers, singers, and drag artists. What more could you want from your big gay day out?

Why come to Glasgow Pride?

Other than the plethora of Scottish men in kilts, Glasgow Pride is full of life. With such a high attendance, you’ll be celebrating amongst all walks of life. So come with an open mind and an open heart.

When is Glasgow Pride 2022?

There’s no confirmed dates for Glasgow Pride 2022, but it usually takes place in August.

Liverpool Pride


Liverpool was for long the UK’s largest city not to hold an annual pride event. But after years of LGBT+ locals campaigning for change, the first official Liverpool pride festival was held in 2010. Now over a decade later, it’s estimated that around 75,000 people attend Liverpool Pride. So, it’s definitely one of the UK’s biggest pride festivals. Don’t miss out.

What goes on?

Liverpool Pride takes place on Tithebarn Street and Pride Quarter, the city’s main gay village home to LGBT+ pubs, bars, and clubs. It’s a weekend event, with a parade starting from St. George’s Hall on the Saturday morning. A large open-air festival area also hosts all sorts of street stalls and entertainment, including the main stage where big names have performed: Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Katy B, and Drag Race UK Winner, The Vivienne.

Why come to Liverpool Pride?

Liverpool Pride is usually held on the closest weekend to the 2nd August, in commemoration of gay teenager Michael Causer, who was murdered back in 2008 during a homophobic attack. For this heartfelt reason alone, Liverpool Pride is definitely one of the loudest and proudest pride celebrations. So, bring your biggest rainbow flag to honour Michael Causer.

When is Liverpool Pride 2022?

Liverpool Pride 2022 will take place on July 30th.

Manchester Gay Pride


Manchester Gay Pride is one of the biggest and best Pride events in the UK. It seems to get bigger and better every year. It’s now estimated that around 170,000 people ascend on the city centre every year – all glittered-up and ready to party, with a rainbow flag in tow.

What goes on?

Usually Manchester Gay Pride takes place over August bank holiday weekend. The main festivities take place in the Canal Street area, but the parade starts in the city centre. Stage show MCR Pride Live was added to the event’s itinerary back in 2019, starting with a bang with Ariana Grande headlining (making her first return to the city after the 2017 Manchester Arena bombings). Other big names have taken to the stage too, including Years & Years, Zara Larsson, and Bananarama.

Why come to Manchester Gay Pride?

Manchester Gay Pride is one of the UK’s longest-running pride events, so it’s a well-established celebration with plenty to do and see. It’s got all-round carefree vibes, so come if you’re up for a proper party. You’ll always see many happy faces and proud souls.

When is Manchester Gay Pride 2022?

Manchester Gay Pride 2022 will take place from August 27th – 30th.

Belfast Pride


As the capital of Northern Ireland, thousands of LGBT+ locals travel here to celebrate during pride season. It’s estimated that around 65,000 people marched in 2019. We’ve certainly come a long way since the first Belfast Pride in 1991 when only 100 brave people took to the streets.

What goes on?

Belfast Pride is a massive 10-day festival with over 130 events showcasing all sorts of local talent and creativity. There’s also the parade day, which usually starts around 1 pm, so join in the march and stand in solidarity with your LGBT+ community. Pride Village is brimming with market stalls, entertainment events, and loads of food and drink options to choose from too.

Why come to Belfast Pride?

Belfast Pride is a bit of a controversial one – considering Northern Ireland’s prevalence of extremist Christianity. Remember, Pride exists to protest against prejudice and call for equality, so come show your support for Belfast’s LGBT+ locals.

When is Belfast Pride 2022?

Belfast Pride 2022 will take place from July 22nd – 31st.

Bristol Pride


Bristol Pride usually welcomes around 40,000 southwest locals, so lets join in the party. The city itself holds plenty of LGBT+ history too, with the first Bristol pride march taking place back in 1977. The march was a fundraiser for the Gay News blasphemy trial (a now-ceased publication who faced scrutiny after publishing The Love That Dares to Speak Its Name, a controversial poem by James Kirkup).

What goes on?

Bristol Pride takes place over two weeks and concludes with ‘Pride Day’ (the Saturday parade and a last big hurrah). The fortnight’s events revolve around live music, LGBT+ film screenings, talks from local LGBT+ activists – and, of course, performances from the city’s top drag artists. The parade march usually starts at Castle Park and ends at the Amphitheatre.

Why come to Bristol Pride?

Bristol Pride’s festivities include top-notch performances from big UK artists. Previous lineups featured Kelis, Blue, Sophie Ellis-Bexter and American soul singer, Martha Wash. So, if you’re up for a let-your-hair-down boogie, Bristol is for you.

When is Bristol Pride 2022?

There’s no confirmed dates for Bristol Pride 2022, but it usually takes place mid-July.

Bournemouth Pride


You might know Bournemouth Pride as ‘Bourne Free’, the town’s annual pride festival first held back in 2004. The festival site itself grows every year and the organisers have promised even bigger things in 2022. The theme will be ‘Bourne Free Goes Green’ and it’ll have all sorts of environmentally-friendly changes.

What goes on?

It’s usually held in the Triangle, the town’s LGBT+ village that’s home to various LGBT+ pubs, bars, and clubs. However, this year, Bourne Free will make the move to Meyrick Park – a more spacious and accessible space. So, expect big things, including live music, cultural workshops, and performances from local drag artists.

Why come to Bournemouth Pride?

Bourne Free was first organised in defence against a far-right group, who planned to come to town to protest against homosexuality. Since then, the event has grown in numbers, becoming a fun-packed day of celebration to distract LGBT+ locals from the hostility they might face. So, if you’re ready to party hard as an ‘up yours’ to the haters, Bournemouth is for you!

When is Bournemouth Pride 2022?

Bourne Free will take place from July 8th – 9th.

Medway Pride


As Medway’s first-ever LGBT+ event, Medway Pride has been a long time coming. There’s only been one so far (the first being in 2021), so expect this year’s festivities to be even better. Plus, drag artist River Medway was a fan favourite on season 3 of Drag Race UK last year, so no doubt she’ll be there.

What goes on?

Medway Pride is part of an 8-day programme that’s followed by a week of events, mostly held in the Rochester riverside area. After watching live music in the Rochester castle gardens, you can then head to the high street for a drink or two in its various pubs. Local gay bar The Riverside Tavern hosts an after-party for any late-night partiers too.

Why come to Medway Pride?

With Medway Pride being a newbie event, the town invites you to join in the fun and show your support for the locals. It might not be the biggest pride event just yet – but every town has gotta start somewhere, right?

When is Medway Pride 2022?

There’s no confirmed dates for Medway Pride 2022, but it’ll likely take place in July. 

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