Ten fun things to do in Jersey City as a couple

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Planning out activities in Jersey City as a couple can seem like such a difficult thing to do. For many couples, the ease of regular dates has fallen upon them and while routines are great, changing things up once in a while is what keeps the romance alive. Dates can and should be fun as they serve as an inspiration for memories.

We know that spending time together in the right place with your partner spells fun memories, which is why the following is a list of eight fun things to do in Jersey City as a couple.

Go out for a helicopter ride

For many people, a private plane ride is a dream only actualized in movies. With adequate planning, this dream can be the perfect date memory. There are a lot of companies that offer helicopter tours for couples with the aim of a helicopter ride. The helicopter ride is private, and you can sometimes also get to enjoy a meal during the ride.

A helicopter tour spells privacy and an ambiance that not even restaurants can reciprocate. What other way to do something with your partner than to observe the cloud thousands of feet above sea level? A helicopter tour would top your partner’s list of fun things to do in Jersey City.

Have a fun and informative guided brewery tour

Beer tasting is an act usually reserved for people with an elegant palette. The ability to enjoy and savor the flavors just bursting out is an experience you would not be able to forget. A brewery tour offers the best viewing and conversation experience.

Many breweries in Jersey City offer tours of their property where you get to view the production process and enjoy tastings of their different brewery products. There is no better way to enjoy the company of your partner than to gush over your shared love of brews.

Paint! Sip! Smile! Repeat!

If painting and sipping are not on your list of things to do in Jersey City, then you miss a lot. You and your partner can test your artistic sides with a date at a paint-and-sip. There might be some laughter or swooning; your date is sure to be fun. 

The paint and sip class allows a couple to bring their wine and show them how to paint a picture step-by-step. Learning to paint and enjoying a glass of wine is a surefire way to loosen up or get freaky. Many art locations like Pinots Palette, Uptown Art, Canvas, and Cocktails, amongst others, offer couples paint and sip classes. 

It helps that you are allowed to take your artwork home as a keepsake for what will be a day well spent.

Go bowling

Nothing spells fun better than a little or a lot of competition, depending on how seriously your partner takes competing. A healthy game of balls is a great way to spark exciting puns and imaginary swords and discover who your partner is in competitions. 

Jersey City is flowing with several bowling alleys that all you need is to choose one, get your gear ready and prepare for some possibly healthy and possibly unhealthy exchange of bants.

Cooking classes

Nothing can go wrong with food and romance. You can spice up your date life by taking cooking classes with your partner. For many cooking classes, skills aren’t essential as you are sure to learn a new recipe. All you need is to arrive at the venue willing and ready to cook.

The beautiful thing about cooking classes is that they allow couples to explore tastes together. Whether you burn recipes or whip up delicious meals, cooking classes would prove spicy and romance-sparking. Your oils won’t be the only thing sizzling.

There are a lot of places offering cooking classes to couples looking for things to do in Jersey City. Do your research and enjoy your cooking more than just your romance.

Drive-In movies

If you and your partner love movies, then drive-in movies are a date plan to check out. It is the best of extensive screen viewing and privacy in one sitting. You and your partner enjoy the movie in the privacy of your car, which means you can have conversations or private conversations (wink, wink).

Don’t worry; you also enjoy meals while watching the movie, just like in a typical cinema. The Drive-in film is all about your partner and you.

Escape rooms

For some couples, solving tasks together is how they get their romance. If you are one of those couples who love solving puzzles, planning a date at an escape room is for you. It is pretty simple; you have clues to help you figure out the mystery in the escape room. You get the key that gets you out of the room after you figure out the puzzle.

An escape room is the best way to improve the connection between you. It is also adrenaline-pumping because you have a limited time to solve the puzzle. There are a lot of escape rooms that ensure you have a fun thing to do in Jersey City.

Dance classes

Dance is said to be the most romantic activity ever. Maybe it is because dancing involves a certain amount of connection that is lacking in other activities. If you are looking for ways to spark the romance or electric tension between you and your partner, I highly recommend taking dance classes.

Dancing is fun and simply the best way to loosen up or get your partner right in the mood. There might be a few stepping on toes at the beginning, but practice in dancing certainly makes perfect. Plus, what better way to keep ammunition for future seduction than to learn the act of embracing the sexuality between humans?

River cruise

Very few people can blatantly say they have not wished they were on a river cruise at some point in their lives. Personally, with the beauty that is the Jersey City waters, a river cruise should top any romantic Jersey City activity.

The beauty of the sea, great food, and wine, what else spells romance? A river cruise is not a popular date idea, but it deserves mention. It helps that seeing nature at its finest tends to spark romance in even the least romantic of people.

Restaurant hopping

Restaurant hopping tops the date list of Jersey City things to do. It is not surprising that restaurant hopping tops the list as a dinner date is the typical romantic thing to do. However, even restaurant hopping has upgraded. Selecting the right restaurant can prove to be a fun thing to do in Jersey City.

The great thing about restaurant hopping is creating the exact scene you desire with your partner. There are restaurants to cater to any and every need of yours, from quiet scenery to sensational, loud, or simply incredible views. Your dinner date can be more than just enjoying great meals and conversation.  


Fun dates are about knowing and planning activities around your partner’s interest. The best way to plan fun Jersey City activities is to discuss common interests with your partner. If you are confused or lost about what fun date thing to pick, remember that you are not limited to just one. You and your partner should have created enjoyable memories from whatever activities you chose to do.


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