Valentine’s Gifts for Him & Her

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If you’re yet to make a Valentine’s Day gift purchase for your loved one, it’s sincerely important you stop what you’re doing right now and get moving! The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner, and let’s be honest, considering online shopping has become everyone’s favourite past time this year, you’ve certainly had plenty of time to prepare! Valentine’s gifts for him or Valentine’s gifts for her can’t just appear wrapped and ready on your doorstep, you know?

But let’s not panic. To avoid any unwanted despair, here’s a list of some of this year’s best Valentine’s Day gift ideas, some being cute and romantic presents to show them you care, and others being cool and unique ideas to give them an unexpected surprise. Your partner deserves the very best sentiment after all, and no one likes being banished to the sofa for not putting in the effort. Let’s explore some ideas.

Cute Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Him & Her Items

Men’s Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t the easiest to find, so to please your man with a simple touch of humour, novelty ‘him & her’ items can be a great way to show you’re in it together, whether he likes it or not. There’s a whole host of different items you can buy as a duo set, from dressing gowns to pillows, and hoodies to toothbrushes. Best of all, these items act as both a gift of affection and a gift to make him laugh (or cry with fear). 

You can browse an assortment of ‘him & her’ gifts from Etsy. Add some fun personalisations too.

Personalised Date Night Blanket

If you’re the only sucker in the relationship who schedules time for date night, you can now go one step further and get a personalised date night blanket for extra comfort. For most of the world, there’s still no Valentine’s option for a romantic night out for two, so let the sparks fly on your living room floor instead. It’s perfect for setting up a chilled-out night in, just bring along a bottle of bubbly, a roaring fire, his favourite food, and you’re all set. 

Grab yourself a personalised blanket from Gettingpersonal.


Cute Valentine’s Day gifts for her

Handwriting Bracelet

If you’re struggling with your search for cute Valentine’s Day gifts for her, perhaps a simple “I love you” will cut it, right? Well, not quite – instead say the important three words in a way you never have before with this bestselling handwriting bracelet. Follow the online customising instructions and the chain will be made with your desired message and ACTUAL handwriting. An all-important “I love you” hasn’t felt so special since we taught you it in ten different languages.

You can order her own bracelet online at Etsy. 



Bathtub Caddy Tray

If you want to set up a romantic date night in, a steaming hot bubble bath for two can be just the thing to heat things up a little. And to make your shared dip in the tub a little more luxurious, a bathtub caddy tray provides a multipurpose ledge for all sorts of ‘essential’ bathing equipment like wine glass holders, a candle holder, and a shelving stand for a tablet or phone. Who knew baths could be so organised? 

You can buy the perfect extendable caddy from Amazon now.


Unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Levitating Globe

Searching for men’s Valentine’s Day gifts can feel a bit pointless if your man keeps assuring you he’s not expecting or wanting anything special, but an ultra-cool gadget like an LED-lit magnetic levitating globe will certainly please him. If not, honestly what else will? And if you’re unsure of its place on your shared bedside table, it can always spruce up his man-cave to impress fellow man-cave dwellers. 

Grab one yourself at MenKind so he can start thinking about your post-Covid trip abroad.


Laser Keyboard

The ongoing drab of working from home needs a little jazzing up right now, and that’s where a laser keyboard comes in to save the dull day. With a full QWERTY layout, it’s compatible with Windows, iOS, or Android, and they can even be linked to your phone with a mounted mobile bracket. The important question is, does he need a laser keyboard? Not necessarily. But will he want one? Absolutely yes. 

Purchase one now whilst stocks last at MenKind.


Unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her

1000 Movies Poster

For a unique Valentine’s Day gift idea, make the most of your weekly movie nights and get a scratch-off 100 movies poster. Not only is it a brilliant way to keep ticking off the very best classic films, but it’s a cute gesture to say how much you enjoy snuggling up on the sofa with the lights down low, even if you do often fall asleep within 2 minutes of the opening credits rolling. But then again, there’s only so many lovey-dovey romcoms a person can take.

Order your poster at Etsy now, and make sure you remember the popcorn.


A Year of Date Night Cards 

If you’re anxiously anticipating the dreaded “Where is this going?” chat, then here’s a gift idea to deflect, I mean, direct the conversation: a box of 52 date night suggestions, one for every week of the year. These ideas will certainly release some pressure if isolating at home together has injected too much boredom into your relationship, so fingers crossed you’ll be able to have some fun soon. These cards will be waiting to decide your next venture, but in the meantime, check out our advice on how not to drive each other stir crazy.

You can buy your set of cards at Notonthehighstreet. 

Here’s to hoping some of these Valentine’s Day gifts have sparked some inspiration and given you ideas into what your boyfriend or girlfriend, or husband or wife should expect for this year’s Valentine’s celebrations. Whether that be a unique Valentine’s Day gift for him or a cute Valentine’s Day gift for her. 

Just whatever you do, don’t rely on a simple TV dinner and a flick through Netflix to make any special memories. Haven’t we all had enough of those same nights in the last year?

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