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Vegan Dating: Finding Someone Who Gets it

Like it or lump it, veganism is well and truly on the rise with 7% of Brits proudly donning the vegan title in 2018 alone (and this stat is only going up and up).

Of course, veganism is not solely about giving up your favourite cheese and chocolate mousse. Veganism is about observing a niche moral philosophy with an impressive degree of dedication. And with this thought in mind, it’s no real surprise that plenty of vegan singles are in search of vegan dating. In short, a relationship with a vegan partner who respects and practices the principles that they do. 

Dating is complex enough without the agonizing search to find someone with the exact same moral philosophy as you. Whether you became vegan for health reasons, ethical reasons, a mixture of both, or for a completely different reason altogether, bagging a partner who also practices veganism is no easy feat in the complex world of modern dating. In fact, many vegans claim that the process of finding love can be an overall stressful and negative experience. 

Despite this basic fact, dating a vegan is more than possible and the process of finding one doesn’t have to be rocket science or make you miserable.


Vegan Dating Sites and Apps

With the recent soar of vegans worldwide, plenty of vegan dating apps and sites have been launched with the very purpose of bringing vegans together. Although not everyone is a fan of online dating, there’s no denying that it enables people with similar interests and preferences to meet and embark upon a (hopefully) healthy and happy relationship.

So, if you want to meet someone who is vegan like yourself, we recommend giving online dating a try. You can even try a vegan dating app or two. Here are 4 vegan dating sites and apps to choose from:

Green singles

Green Singles caters to vegans and vegetarians and is a great platform to find vegan singles like you. The platform has heaps of success stories.

VeggieConnection joins vegetarians, vegans, raw-foodists, fruitarians, and macrobiotics for romance and friendships.

Elite Singles – Vegan

Elite Singles bring people who share a passion for animal rights and being eco-friendly together.


VeggieVision dating allows users to browse vegan members’ profiles for free, and send messages and video chats.

Speed Dating For Vegan Singles

If you’re not sold by the idea of vegan online dating or a vegan dating app, you could try vegan speed dating (yes – it’s a thing). hosts various speed dating events across America and Canada, where two people can come together for a casual chat (about veganism or anything that tickles their fancy). also offer highly personalised matchmaking services, so you can avoid the gruelling process of online swiping as much as possible. 

Still not convinced? 


Join a Local, Vegan Community 

If vegan online dating is not your thing and you’re tried speed dating with no success, this option might be right for you. Joining a local vegan, online community will help strengthen your relationship with fellow vegans and make you aware of vegan events happening near you.

Being part of a vegan group offers members the opportunity to ask fellow vegans questions about their experience, dietary advice, recipes, tips, and much more – it’s the ideal platform to spark a romantic relationship with one of the other vegan singles. If you can’t find a local vegan group that suits you, there’s absolutely no harm in starting one up on your own and spreading the word of veganism to those excited to listen.

Veg Fests 

Veg fests are happening more and more across the globe. Festivals dedicated to eating copious amounts of vegan food, shopping for vegan goods, and listening to illustrious groups of vegan speakers, are the perfect place to meet someone new and on your wavelength.


What Better way to meet someone who follows the same principles that you do than through activism? Whether you’re marching for the rights of animals or campaigning for a greener planet, activism activities enable you to share an important and emotive experience with people who believe in the same cause that you do. It’s an ideal situation to meet your match in. 

Volunteer Work

Similar to activism, volunteering at charity events, however big or small, will introduce you to people who are passionate about the same causes that you are, increasing the chances of you finding a vegan partner.

So – there we have it.

Finding your vegan match doesn’t have to be something akin to a horror story. With veganism communities continuing to expand worldwide, there are more and more tools and activities individuals can use to find a partner to embrace life with. You can be dating a vegan in no time!!!


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