What Do I Want For Christmas? 62 Ideas to Help Your Partner Pick The Perfect Gift

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Christmas is a magical time for giving and receiving gifts from the people we love. But no matter how well your partner knows you (or thinks they do), sometimes they do need a little nudge in the right direction! If you want to help them pick the right present, but don’t have an answer to that all-important question, ‘what do I want for Christmas?’, you’re in the right place. 

No matter what your favourite things are, from travel to beauty, we’ve put together 62 ideas that’ll help your partner pick the perfect present for you this Christmas. All that’s left for you to do is subtly leave the page open on their laptop! Let’s jump in and get your wishlist filled up!

Table of Contents

Things to Ask For Christmas If You Like… Beauty & Wellness

This first list is for all the beauty buffs out there! If you like taking care of yourself, both figuratively and physically, then a beauty or wellness gift is just what your significant other needs to start looking for. From makeup to self-care journals, these gifts will make you feel good and look good!

Gua Sha Beauty Tool

If you’re into beauty tools that help sculpt your face, then this one makes for one of the best personalised Christmas gifts. Part beauty tool, part self-care session, using a gua sha allows you to dedicate a little time to yourself, and keep your face looking youthful and plump!

New Makeup Brushes

If your partner needs some small Christmas gifts to fill a stocking, then makeup brushes will do the trick. If you love playing with your looks, then you need the right tools – and this Real Techniques brush set provides everything you need for the perfect face.

Cream Blush

You’ve probably seen cream blush on TikTok or scrolling through Instagram, so if you’re thinking, ‘what do I want for Christmas?’ – then why not give a viral product a try? This Tower28 cream blush blends seamlessly and is super easy to apply.

CBD Balm

If you’re into wellness, then you’ve definitely heard of CBD! Christmas is a great time to try new things, like this CBD balm that you can apply to any areas of tension or pain for natural pain relief. Plus, this makes for a romantic Christmas gift too if you massage it on each other!

Mindfulness Journal

For those wanting a little more calm and joy in their lives, you might want to start journaling. This journal helps you reflect on sources of happiness in your life and practice a little more self-love. So if that’s a goal for you this coming year, it’s a great gift idea for your partner to get for you.


When it comes to adult Christmas gifts, the budget is often a little more adventurous! And this means that your partner can give you a new, luxurious Eau de parfum for the holidays. So whether you’ve got your heart set on a particular scent or trust them to take the reins, this is a great gift idea.

Weighted Blanket

Who doesn’t like being cosy and having improved sleep? If you take your kip seriously and want to level it up, a weighted blanket will do the trick.


Candles are a great option when you genuinely can’t think of things to ask for Christmas. They always provide a sense of calm, luxury and comfort! Plus, your partner can get creative and pick the scent too!

Hair Oil

Haircare is no joke – especially for those of us with wild manes! So if you’re big into taking care of your tresses, why not ask your partner to get you some hair oil to keep your scalp moisturised and hair healthy?

Handmade Soaps

We all need an excuse to spend a little more time in the shower or bathtub. And things like soap are great small Christmas gifts to receive. This soap bar is handmade with all natural ingredients, plus the scents are heavenly!

Face Masks

For skincare fans, getting face masks for a Christmas gift is always a good thing. This face mask from Sephora is a great chance to figure out what’s best for your skin.

Body Butter

Another great one for those who are into skincare, and natural skincare in particular, is body butter! This one smells absolutely amazing and will leave your skin smooth, soft and beautiful.

Dyson Airwrap

Want to say goodbye to spending 2 hours on your hair? This hair styler will take all the pain out of styling your tresses – plus it’s got rave reviews online.

Lip Oil

If your partner needs to find those last few small Christmas gifts to fill your stocking, then send him this product! This viral lip oil has a cult following online and will leave your lips soft, shiny and oh-so kissable.

Eyebrow Gel

For makeup lovers who are always on top of the latest beauty trends, you’ve probably got your brow routine on lock already. But if you’re in the market for a new eyebrow gel, you could get your partner to buy you this! This brand has a cult following for their brow gel, perfect for getting that laminated effect on your lashes.

Essential Oils Set

Essential oils have been used in self-care and wellbeing rituals all over the world for centuries. If you want to start using essential oils in your own routine, it’s a great gift idea to nudge your significant other with. This set of essential oils contains all natural blends to help you maintain a sense of wellbeing. 

Aromatherapy Humidifier

This idea goes hand in hand with our previous suggestion. Put your essential oils to good use with an aromatherapy humidifier to create a sense of calm in your space. This diffuser also has lovely mood lighting and natural finishes.

Hair Bonnet

Are you a curly-haired gal? This bonnet will keep your curls bouncy and soft while you get a good night’s sleep, so makes a fantastic gift idea for your partner to get you.

Shower Gel

We all love fancy things – and toiletries are no different! This set of shower gels are a perfect pick for a luxurious gift from your significant other. Plus, they’ll be able to use them too!

Beauty Blender

If your partner isn’t into beauty like you are, it’s likely they won’t know what a blending sponge is. So help them out a little by asking for a makeup sponge to help you perfect your beauty routine and their Christmas gift to you.

Things to Ask For Christmas If You Like… Nature & The Outdoors

Whether you’re a certified plant mum or just like getting outside in the fresh air, this next list of gift ideas are the perfect things to ask for Christmas for nature lovers. These ideas make great family Christmas gifts by helping you all to get outdoors a little more, and spend quality time together! Let’s look at them now.

A New Plant

Plants are a great gift for anyone, but make for personalised Christmas gifts when your partner picks one out especially for you. This striking pink plant would be a beautiful gift, and is super easy to order for your partner!

Hiking Boots

This is a good gift idea for those of you who love hikes! A pair of hiking boots will help you get up those hills and complete your walking routes – so if you’re wondering, ‘what do I want for Christmas?’ – this is it.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Stay hydrated wherever you are by asking for a sustainable water bottle for Christmas. This wide mouth water bottle is crafted from stainless steel, so will be able to handle whatever terrain you’re exploring. 

Flower Subscription

If your partner wants to find romantic Christmas gifts for you this year, it doesn’t get much better than flowers. Your partner can treat you to a bunch every month for as long as they’d like with this flower subscription gift!

Waterproof Jacket

For outdoor explorers, you can ask your partner for hiking gear this Christmas. A waterproof jacket is versatile, stylish and can be used day to day too.

Watering Can

If you love tending to your garden in your spare time, then a great gift idea for your partner is anything that will help your plantlings thrive. This glass watering can means you can tend to your garden in peace and style.


If you love documenting your adventures, your significant other could buy you a brand new camera to shoot them on. This camera is weather-proof and high quality – what more would you need?

Gardening Tools

If you love taking care of your garden or are growing your own vegetables, then ask your spouse for tools to help you harvest your veggies! This set of gadening tools is perfect for a partner with a green thumb.

Animal Adoption

If you’re an animal lover, then an adopted furry friend is perfect for you. This easy animal adoption package will help your partner pick a great gift that does good and looks good!

National Trust Membership

If you’re a lover of the outdoors and are always looking forward to your next hike, then a membership at the National Trust is ideal for you. You’ll get to visit over 500 National Trust locations for free, access free parking and enjoy discounts in National Trust stores.

Plant Propagation Set

To take your plants from seedlings to sprouts, you’ll need the right kit. So why not ask your significant other to get you a plant propagation set that will help you achieve your plant mum dreams!

Camping Essentials

If you like getting into the great outdoors, the answer to the question, ‘what do I want for Christmas?’ lies out there. Like this camping cooking set that’ll help you cook up a storm wherever you are.

Solar Power Bank

Even nature lovers don’t want to run out of battery. This solar power bank is a great gift idea for your partner to give you this Christmas.

Things to Ask For Christmas If You Like… Technology

Technology makes all of our lives easier, and in more imaginative ways than you think! There are a lot of techy gadgets out there that make great Christmas gifts for adults as well as kids – your partner just needs to know where to find them.

So if you’re dreaming of a tech-friendly Christmas gift from your significant other, this list will give you some inspiration.

Shower Speaker

The best showers always have a soundtrack! If you like to get your karaoke on while you wash, then you need a waterproof speaker. Point your partner in the right direction with a shower speaker like this one, all they need to do is choose the style!


If you love gadgets, then you’ll love a drone to play with. This is one of the best things to ask for Christmas if you’re after something fun to experiment with.

SAD Lamp

Winter can be a tough time for us sunlight lovers. If you’re craving a bit of sunshine in the colder months, then a AD lamp is just what the doctor ordered. This one helps you wake up to sunshine even if it’s cold out!

Soda Machine

If you’re a lover of cool kitchen gadgets, then why not have bubbles on tap? A soda machine lets you make any drink fancy.

Robot Vacuum

Robotics are the future of not just the business world, but our homes too! Now you don’t have to argue over who does the vacuuming and let someone else handle the hoovering with this robot vacuum.

Wireless Speaker

Music lovers need a good quality speaker to enjoy their favourite songs on. This wireless speaker means that you can take your tunes with you wherever you go, with Bluetooth and voice control.

Smart Garden

If you love growing your own herbs and plants, but don’t have a garden, you can make your own indoors! An indoor garden is a technological wonder that provides the optimum growing conditions without the need for soil or sunlight! This gift is perfect for those who live in flats or homes without a lot of outdoor space or natural light.

Ring Doorbell

If you’re big on home security and are looking for things to ask for Christmas, then a mart doorbell is a great pick. When it comes to family Christmas presents that everyone will benefit from, this one fits the bill.

Bluetooth Smart Notepad

This idea is a great personalised Christmas gift if you love writing. Whether it’s journaling, storytelling or poetry you love, ask your partner for a Bluetooth notepad that’ll take your notes in your book to your phone or laptop screen.

Games Console

If you’re a gamer, then Christmas is the perfect opportunity to ask for a new console. There’s no need to ask yourself ‘What do I want for Christmas?’ when the new Nintendo Switch is waiting to be played!

Things to Ask For Christmas If You Like… Travel

If I were to ask myself “What do I want for Christmas?’, it would probably be a holiday! If you’re the same, and are a lover of travel, then this section is for you. While it might be a bit of a reach to ask for an actual holiday, you can ask your partner for travel-related presents, and we’ve got 9 of the best here.

Scratch Map

If you love personalised Christmas gifts and travel, then you’d love a scratcmap. It also makes for a great activity to do together once you open it, and doubles as an art piece too!

Passport Holder

For when you do head on your next adventure, you could ask your partner to get you a passport holder. That way your passport, boarding passes and tickets will all be safe and secure!

Travel Journal

If you like to document your travels so that you can look back on your fond memories, then a travel journal makes for a great thing to ask for Christmas from your significant other. You can stick in pictures, boarding passes and any tickets to go for that scrapbook vibe!

A Holiday

Okay, I couldn’t resist. Found the hotel of your dreams, or a god deal on flights? Then a holiday might just be at the top of your Christmas list, and your partner might just need a hint or two to book it!

Memory Box

Another great personalised Christmas gift is a travel memory box. You can collect all of your souvenirs and trinkets from your travels and have them all in one place, perfect for looking at on special occasions and reflecting on all those good memories.

Travel Minis

If you’ve got a holiday booked that’s coming up, then why not do a little early packing prep and get your partner to get you some toiletries ahead of your trip. This set of travel minis are hand luggage-friendly and super cute!

Suitcase Scales

There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport and realising that your luggage is overweight. Avoid being those people stuffing clothes into their hand luggage by having your very own luggage scales at home! This is a great and practical gift for your significant other to get you.

Puzzle of the World

This gift idea combines two passions: travel and puzzling! Bring the travel to you without leaving the house with a jigsaw puzzle of the world. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your partner and do something creative together!

Flight Vouchers

If a holiday isn’t on the cards, but still on the agenda at some point, then flight vouchers make a great present for Christmas. The gift of a holiday is one of the best adult Christmas gifts you can give or receive – and your partner will benefit from it too – if you decide to take them that is!

Things to Ask For Christmas If You Like… The Arts

Whether it’s crafts or going to the theatre, the arts are a beautiful gift to give and receive. And whatever your passion, be it music, art or cooking, we’ve got some lovely gifts for you to ask for this Christmas. Let’s look at them now.

Theatre Tickets

After a long, long hiatus thanks to a certain pandemic, trips to the theatre are back! One of the best romantic Christmas gifts there is, getting theatre tickets is perfect for those who love the arts. Plus, your partner could even get tickets for the whole family, making this a great family Christmas present too. 

Custom Painting

For the art-lovers out there, you could ask your significant other for a custom painting for Christmas. Not by them of course (unless they’re a skilled artist themselves), but you can order custom paintings inspired by your favourite photos or scenes.

Watercolor Paints

Ever tried your hand at painting? Whether you’re a pro or want to express yourself using a different medium, watercolour paints are a great Christmas gift. If your significant other doesn’t know you want to try this out, try mentioning it casually in conversation, or add it to your wishlist!


If you’re into making art, then keeping your supplies stocked up means you’re easy to buy for. Things like painting canvases are a great thing to ask for this Christmas. 


For doodles, sketches or your next masterpiece, a sketchbook makes for an art lover’s perfect present. So if you like to express yourself on paper, point your partner towards this area for gift ideas.

Art Classes

Want to learn from a pro about your favourite art medium? Why not ask your partner for a membership to an online learning platform like Skillshare for Christmas? You can learn about arts and crafts, as well as expand your knowledge in other areas too.

Calligraphy Set

If you wish you could create beautiful calligraphy and typography – you could make that dream a reality with your own calligraphy set. Try asking your significant other for one for Christmas – you’ll be able to make your own Christmas cards by next year!


People don’t always consider cooking an art, but it’s exactly that. So if you want to expand your skillset and try out new recipes, ask your partner for a cookbook this Christmas time.

What Do You Want for Christmas? Question Answered

After these 62 gift ideas, there’s bound to be at least one that you fancy this Christmas. Whether it’s from the beauty world or a techy gadget, we hope the inspiration you’ve found here will help guide your partner in picking the perfect gift for you. And if not, all I can say is I hope they get a gift receipt! 

For more ideas, inspiration and Christmas spirit, make sure you sign up to enamoree’s mailing list so you don’t miss a beat! 

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