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You’re Just My Swipe: Writing the Perfect Tinder Bio

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It’s storytime, dear enamoreers. Gather round, everyone. Once upon a Tinder bio, I received a DM from a woman who was so far out of my league that I assumed it must be a prank. Her message?

Your bio is HILARIOUS.

The woman in question had the longest pigtails I’d ever seen. In my reply, I intended to say ‘Oh, thank you so much! I love your pigtails!

Instead, my phone’s autocorrect thought it would be hilarious to send ‘Ooh, yummy pig tits’. 

I’ll save the rest of that particular exchange (which my friends affectionately call ‘Pigtitsgate’) for therapy, but how that cringeworthy moment didn’t end up on a Tinder bio Reddit page is a miracle. My point? Making that first impression is important.

Winning hearts is a marathon, not a sprint, and it’s a  competitive world. If you don’t make that digital introduction mean something, then it’s likely that your future soulmate will swipe left and stay home with a takeaway and some very liberal definitions of the term ‘self-care’.

To ensure you have a good Tinder bio that’ll soon get others sliding into your DMs and making sweet love language, here are some tips and Tinder bio ideas to make sure your profile is on the road to moving into the swipe right lane! 

Shirtless Pics Lead to Empty Inboxes

We get it, guys. You like going to the gym. Unfortunately for your pecs, a good Tinder bio is supposed to tantalise swipers into starting a conversation, and not inspire eye rolls. 

Full disclosure; it’s easy for me to say this because my shirtless selfies are more corned beef than beefcake, but here’s a sentence that’s never been used in the entire span of human existence: “his massive triceps really kept the conversation on track.”

There’s a fine line between interesting and self-absorbed, and your man nipples are tap-dancing dangerously across it. Remember, when it comes to a Tinder bio for guys, it’s all about flexing your emotional depth as well as your brawn. 

A snug-fitting t-shirt will let the ladies know that you’re hench, so delete that topless pic and let a little more mystery into the dating game, or people are going to swipe left faster than you can say protein shake. 

Be Genuine: It’s an Increasingly Rare Quality 

In the social media age of dating, people are quick to shape their own narratives and convey themselves as the hero in every story. Dare to be different. A little vulnerability goes a long way.

By all means, let people know what you’re good at, but don’t forget to keep it humble and humorous. Funny Tinder bios are like finding a rare gem in a quarry full of dull and beige rocks.

Hint to an embarrassing story, but don’t give the ending away. Inspire swipers to come and discuss it further in the DMs. 

Not everyone wants to find their Channing Tatum. Some people are looking for their goofy sidekick. So if you’re silly at heart, and want to find your comedy counterpart in love then polish up those funny Tinder bios,  embrace your true self and own it!

Tinder bio Reddit is the ultimate barometer for what makes people swoon and what makes them puke! To avoid the kind of Tinder bio that’ll send people running, here are some important things to remember:

Ration Your Group Photos

Proof of an active social life may be an attractive quality, but nobody wants to play Guess Who when they’re finding a date. Make sure that the majority of your Tinder pics are solo efforts so that swipers can see who you are!

Set a Limit on Selfies

Anything over 5 selfies might be a little too much. You look gorgeous, we agree! But you don’t want to come across as narcissistic, so remember that sometimes less is more. 

Sell That Smile

Humans are proven to find smiles attractive and infectious. Get your smile out and set it front and centre of your bio!

Edge out the Edgelord Persona

Funny Tinder bios are a tricky art to master. Something you may find hilarious can be lost without tone and cadence. Be careful of how you may come across in your jokes. They may fall flare with a Tinder bio reader.

K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple, Swipers!

Stick to some easy to follow rules of etiquette that anyone would expect in person. Be unapologetically you, but keep your interactions genuine, polite and honest.  

Enjoy yourself!

A good Tinder bio is important, but more importantly, have a laugh! Modern life hasn’t been much fun as of late and we’re all in this mess together. 

Link Your Social Media

If you’re comfortable with it and feel safe doing so, linking some of your social media channels to your Tinder bio can really spice up your dating experience by giving people the chance to develop a better understanding of your hobbies and interests. 

This nifty little trick also means that potential dates can find mutual ground with topics you may both love, whether it’s art galleries, gigs, or anything else. 

Don’t Open with ‘Hi’

A Tinder bio for guys, girls or any gender in between is your digital audition for the world of online love. Make that first hello matter. 

Simply putting ‘hi’ leaves zero room for a good conversation to begin, and makes you come across as someone who is probably sending the exact same message to many other people.

Instead, take that opening gambit as a challenge to prove to them that you’ve actually read their profile. Good Tinder bio ideas are instantly washed away with a dull introduction, so find a few questions that are sure to inspire a more in-depth reply. 

If you’ve signed up for Tinder then chances are you’re ready to start earning your swipes. Just remember that a good sense of humour and a little honesty can turn an initial hello into an all-night chat, and soon enough you’ll be basking in the digital glory of that swipe right life! 

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