Soulmates in Soho: 37 Bars in Soho for Date Night

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London has seen its fair share of history, both good and bad. It’s safe to say that when it comes to Soho, this eccentric and intoxicating nook of London’s late-night scene has either outlasted it, hosted it, or endured through it. 

Equally weird, wonderful and welcoming, romance with a twist of the unexpected is never far away when you’re exploring the bars in Soho. One second you’re sipping on a cocktail with your significant other, and the next you’re singing your hearts out in the street. Or perhaps you’re watching on from the comfort of a rooftop bar with a good meal and a fine wine to wash it all down with. 

Either way, there’s nothing like a night out in London’s beacon for quirky and proud revellers. There’s something for everyone in Soho, and to prove it, we’ve put together a list of the 37 best drinking dens, cabaret clubs, and speakeasies that’ll quench your thirst as well as your curiosity for romance and adventure!

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Our Criteria

The Location

Is it near a bustling part of the city with plenty of after-dinner entertainment options? Is it secluded? Is it commutable?


The overall price of the place to make sure you’re staying in love and not in debt!

The Atmosphere

The general atmosphere of the pub, club, or bar.

The Customer Reviews

The customer reviews of other people’s visits.

Stylish Bars in Soho

Whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion or just to enjoy some intimacy in chic surroundings, here are the best bars in Soho for drinking in style.


7/10 Love Score

What better place to begin than Swift? The fruits of two of the two most revered power couples in all of London nightlife. Nightjar’s Rosie Stimpson and Edmund Weil have collaborated with Milk & Honey duo Bobby Hiddleston and Mia Johansson. 

The results? An upscale but laid back lovechild of decadent drinks and exuberant surroundings spanning two floors. For affordable and flavoursome drinking at the very centre of Soho bar life, Swift pretty much has it all.


6/10 Love Score

Disrepute is one of those cool bars Soho seems to do better than anyone else. Don’t let the luxurious decor fool you though, this is one of those Soho bars with a hipster twist. The drinks menu is coded, meaning you’re either going to have to decipher it, or simply try your luck and hope that you get a drink you like!

While it’s certainly worth a visit to try a mystery cocktail or two and take in the wonderful aesthetics of the place, it’s more of a ‘we went there once’ experience than a regular haunt for couples on date nights.

Archer Street

7/10 Love Score

If you’re a couple with a taste for good drinks and a little of the theatrical then Archer Street might just be your new regular date night destination. Designed to feel like you’re visiting a friend’s house with the added bonus of live entertainment, this is one of those fun bars in Soho that’s lively without the overbearing noise of a nightclub. 

With a decor that’s styled by sofas and fashionable surroundings, you’re sure for a good seat that’s so comfortable you may struggle to get back up again. But with live music, theatre performances and a fun atmosphere, you’ll certainly want to!


8/10 Love Score

Stunning decor, delicious cocktails and friendly, dance-happy drinkers await you at Freedom. As one of the most friendly bars in the West End, Freedom has everything from dance poles and DJ’s to comfortable interiors that are offset by dazzling visuals to accompany the music. 

If the name of this colourful drinks and dance venue hasn’t tipped you off, you and your significant other can expect a warm welcome and the freedom to enjoy yourself!

Club 49 Soho

6/10 Love Score

Sophisticated, sleek and full of neon chic, Club 49 Soho is a cocktail bar with private booths, VIP service and decor that will have you and your loved one literally glowing! 

The best bars Soho offer can sometimes have a style that’s drowned out by too many people or a standoffish vibe. But with Club 49 Soho, you’re embraced and served by polite staff in a spacious drinking venue.

Quirky Bars in Soho

Soho bars offer something for everyone. If you’re a couple who love to try something new and unusual, these quirky bars in Soho are perfect for a unique experience.


5/10 Love Score

Soho pubs always try to stand out a little, and Cahoots is no exception. The venue was actually used as an air raid shelter during the second world war, and Cahoot has kept the spirit of that history alive by offering food as ‘rations’ served in wartime metal containers.

The Pink Chihuahua

8/10 Love Score

For a real taste of the Soho night scene, this venue sits amid some adult sex shops and greets you with just about every Mexican alcoholic spirit you can think of. 

Directly below the Mexican restaurant El Camion, the potent mixes and selection of drinks still don’t get the attention it deserves. Why not get there before too many others find out?

Simmons Soho

6/10 Love Score

Cocktails in Soho with a touch of kitsch are to be treasured, and Simmons managed this perfectly. With old school gaming, pop-culture interiors and strong beverages, there’s ample opportunity for gamers who love a strong drink and some lo-fi glitz.

Ideal for double dates, but best avoided if you want quick drinks without a long weight.

Wizard Exploratorium

7/10 Love Score

While usually aimed at families for a fun-filled day of potions fuelled drinks science experimentation, this Soho social spot offers a more adult alternative in the evenings. 

Sit and chat or make a memory through an immersive potion/cocktail making experience.

Soho Cocktail Bars

When it comes to bars in Soho, London date nights just aren’t the same without a few cocktails to kickstart an evening of excitement and romance. But where do you even begin to find the perfect place in such a bustling area of the city? Don’t worry, for cocktail bars in Soho, we’ve got you covered!

Be At One Soho

7/10 Love Score

All delicious cocktails find a home at Be At One in Soho. With alcoholic thirst-quenchers, happy hours, and a fun atmosphere, this is the perfect place for pre-drinks before a sit-down meal or a theatre show to add a little more excitement to your evening.

Experimental Cocktail Club

6/10 Love Score

Tucked away behind a basement door in Chinatown, the Experimental Cocktail Club has a speakeasy feel with some delicious drinks thrown into the mix. 

For cocktail bars, Soho certainly isn’t lacking in options. But there’s something about the low key nature of this date night delight that will keep you coming back.


7/10 Love Score

Are you a couple who feel like you were born in the wrong era? Then turn back the decades with a date night trip to Opium, a 1920’s themed bar serving up cocktails, Soho style!

This Shanghai themed bar is split into 3 different sections – each one with a completely different menu of delicious drinks. Looking for a little food to go with all of those drinks? We recommend the Dim Sum!

Barrio Soho

6/10 Love Score

While Barrio has several London outlets, there’s no denying that this date night cocktail den with a Latin American flavour is one of the most colourful and fun bars in Soho. 

For drinkers who love to set the mood for their evening with a little colour and a lot of fruity mixes, Barrio Soho is the perfect starting point to kick off your date night in style.

Jimi Loves Gloria

6/10 Love Score

For those of you who find romance in the bygone era of rock n’ roll, this bar revives the spirit of Hendrix and brings you one of the most exciting cocktails bars Soho has to offer. 

While Jimi loves Gloria is temporarily closed, keep an eye on the upcoming revival of this love letter to music and positive vibes.

Live Music Bars in Soho

The cool bars Soho attracts are one thing, but there’s also a rich history of music to make your date night a little more special.

Jazz After Dark

7/10 Love Score

With mocktails, cocktails, beers and wines delivered to your table, all you need to do is order an intimate table in a shaded area, sit back, and enjoy the live music. Laidback vibes, friendly staff and live art? Date night dynamite! 

Ain’t Nothing But…

7/10 Love Score

London’s original blues bar ain’t nothing but a great night out! Showcasing live music every night, it’s never too late to pop in with a loved one, grab a drink, get your toes tapping to some of the most iconic tunes to ever reach your ears. 

Perfect for an after-dinner drink to round off a fun evening.

Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

6/10 Love Score

As part of the London art and music scene since 1959, this venue lives and breathes jazz, poetry, art and acoustic performances. Every visit is a different vibe and experience from a Soho institution that’s welcomed music titans like Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis.

Gerry’s Club

7/10 Love Score

For lovebirds who also fancy themselves as night owls, Gerry’s Club is the place to be for a little late-night adventure and a few tipples beside some well-known luvvies of the London scene, all amid a jazz backdrop.

Technically, it’s for members only. But there’s no website to actually register as one. And here lies the true magic of this throwback to the days of hushed speakeasy bars. If you approach the door and sweet talk the owner (whose name is not Gerry by the way) you may just find yourselves sipping a drink and rubbing shoulders with London’s creative elite. 

Trust us – try it.

Gay Bars in Soho

While Soho is one of the most gay-friendly places in London, sometimes you may just want to drink and enjoy a date night in an exclusively gay venue.

Village Soho

6/10 Love Score

One of the original Soho gay bars, this lively and unapologetically flamboyant pub is a flurry of dancing, DJ’s and drinks in the evening and a quiet, laid-back afternoon pub in the daytime. Either way, you’re guaranteed a safe and inclusive place to enjoy yourself.


8/10 Love Score

Soho pubs tend to have a rich history behind them. Over the last four decades, Soho pubs like Comptons have been seen as a place to let loose and have a good time!

Comptons has everything from a simple no-fuss beer to delicious cocktails and spirits. You can pop in for a quick drink before a show, or grab a seat and talk the night away over several rounds. Welcoming, fun, and boasting a wide selection of drinks. What more could you ask for?

King’s Arms

9/10 Love Score

As one of the first gay-friendly pubs in Soho, this pub has its fair share of regulars. But don’t let that put you off popping in for a drink or two. First-timers and long-timers get the same warm welcome in this friendly and lively pub with a community feel.

If you and your partner love a fun night out where you can really let your hair down, we recommend popping in on a Sunday evening for karaoke night!

Rupert Street Bar

8/10 Love Score

Cold beer, good cocktails and a great atmosphere are always guaranteed at the Rupert Street Bar. If you prefer a busy but friendly vibe without the rush and rudeness some other pubs in Soho can offer up, this is an ideal place to warm up for a night out.


7/10 Love Score

Sink into a comfortable leather sofa and raise a glass to a fun date night in the heart of Soho. This Soho venue tends to attract more of the young and trendy crowd than many of its counterparts, so this is the perfect place for a night of dressing up on date night.

Exclusive Bars in Soho

Looking for the bars and pubs in Soho that not everyone gets to experience? Here are some of the more exclusive venues to give your date night a little more class!

London Gin Club

7/10 Love Score

At The London gin club, every effort is made to make your evening feel full of class, sophistication and incredible gins. With a selection of over 100 word-class gin tipples, tonics and tasting experiences, this is one Soho date night that’s a memorable way to celebrate a special occasion.

Piano Bar Soho

5/10 Love Score

Booking in advance is essential for visiting this (almost fully) members club. And you won’t regret the effort once you’ve set foot in the plush surroundings and constantly surprising live music lineups.

They even have a small scale private cinema and cocktail bar for those special occasions or double date night ideas.

Soho Whisky Club

5/10 Love Score

A small and quiet venue that’s so out of the limelight that you could be forgiven for missing its existence entirely. This private whisky club is a haven for couples who prefer a rich blend and a fine cigar to a watered-down cocktail and booming music. 

With over 600 whiskeys and private tasting experiences on offer, you’ll never be short of something warm and fiery inside you!


8/10 Love Score

This alpine-inspired gourmet food and drinks destination offers classic contemporary drinks with the additional option of European inspired dishes. 

The blend of innovative mixology style drinks and familiar favourites makes Heritage one of the cocktail bars in Soho that also offers an exclusive feel and sit down dinner options.

Bar Italia

8/10 Love Score

This legendary Soho institution has been passed down from generation to generation since the late 1940s. Expect good hearty food, a strong cup of coffee, and a very lively atmosphere! All served up with a front seat view of the Soho nightlife experience.

Lively Bars in Soho

Who said a date night has to be dull? With these lively and loud bars in Soho, there’s no such thing!


8/10 Love Score

Yes, Soho has a history of love, community and acceptance. But it’s also a place where the loudest, proudest and brightest come to make some noise and get the party started! 

Expect burlesque, big personalities, loud live music, DJ sets and deliciously strong drinks on any given night. Strictly for lovers and extroverts! 

The Windmill in Soho

7/10 Love Score

Immersive theatre with dinner, drinks and cabaret await those who pay a visit to The Windmill Soho. Beneath the club is the invitation-only speakeasy, Henderson’s. If you play your cards right, you may find yourself sharing a cocktail in one of the city’s best-kept secrets.

Lucky Voice Soho

6/10 Love Score

Sing your heart out in a private karaoke booth or take a cocktail making masterclass. Better yet, why not do both?! While it can get a little rowdy in the evenings, the privacy gives you the chance to really bust out those romance classics together over a few drinks.

Best Bars in Soho: Wildcards

Are you the kind of couple that doesn’t like to plan too far ahead? Try your luck with these bars in Soho, London’s choice destination for date night wildcards!

Noble Rot Soho

8/10 Love Score

It’s often told that the downfall of Margaret Thatcher was plotted and discussed over many glasses of fine wine at this building when it was called the Gay Hussar.

From the ashes of this left-leaning politically historic hangout spot comes the rise of Noble Rot. If you’re a pair of loved up wine connoisseurs who love a little history with your night out, you’ve found heaven here.

The Blind Pig

6/10 Love Score

Tucked away above The Social Eating House, this is a lowkey but effortlessly stylish speakeasy. Enjoy a good cocktail or a glass of fine wine in a low-lit and understated place to indulge in some good conversation and a little privacy.

The Arts Theatre Club

8/10 Love Score

This old haunt made famous by the Kray twins offers the simplicity of candlelit tables and old school but stylish interiors with a combination of classic drinks and laid back atmosphere.

It’s not often that notorious London gangsters and the modern Soho social scene come together. So if you really want to see what the fuss is about, you’ll have to see for yourselves! 

So Different. So Romantic. Soho.

It’s no surprise that Soho contains so many places for artists, poets, musicians and romantics to come together and simply have a good time. There’s no right way to visit this legendary part of London, and no real limits to what you can do and where you can go.

All that really matters is that you and the person you’ve chosen to share a few drinks with get to reconnect, rediscover your wild sides, or simply rest with a refreshing drink in a quiet pub. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ultimate list of the 37 bars in Soho. Did we leave your favourite drinking venue out of our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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