10 Gold Wedding Rings You’ll Never Want To Take Off

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Once placed on your finger, it’s rarely taken off – so choosing just the right wedding band deserves some time and consideration. The ultimate symbol of love, loyalty and devotion, the wedding ring is a piece of jewelry that can be compared to no other. 

But, with such an important significance, how do you make that final decision? Gold wedding rings remain the most popular, due to their durability and ability to pair with a plethora of gemstones – white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or even platinum all eternally admired. But which one is for you? Read on to find out more. 

Important Considerations For Choosing the Band You’ll Want To Wear Forever

You’ll wear your gold wedding ring for the rest of your lives so it’s important you both choose a ring you’ll love to flash on your special day –  and when you celebrate milestone anniversaries in the future. So before we show you rings that will set your heart racing – consider:

  • Your personal style  – your ring should be personal to you and reflect who you know yourself to be. Are you subtle or a statement kind of couple?
  • Comfort – if not the most exciting consideration, it’s certainly the most important. If it’s not comfortable you won’t want to wear it all day and night, for decades to come
  • Durability – it’s going to go everywhere you go so choose a ring that will accommodate your lifestyle and still look fantastic in years to come
  • Budget – designer or vintage or bespoke, it’s up to you. But the quality of the gold, whether you intend to add diamonds or gemstones all impact on the cost. Consider what you can afford carefully
  • Symbolism –  ring styles do carry different symbolism, what do you want your rings to mean to you?

Men’s Gold Wedding Rings

1. Comfort Fit Gold Wedding Rings for Men

The comfort band remains the most popular of all styles of gold wedding rings for men. Designed with a rounded curve on the exterior and interior this band offers both a classic look and is easy to wear. 

This traditional comfort band from Blue Nile comes in a variety of band widths, from 2mm to 8mm. It is available in 14k white gold, yellow gold and platinum to suit all tastes. Simple, classic and timeless in design, this band type suits all.

2. Flat Fit Men’s Gold Wedding Ring

The flat fit, as it suggests, fits flat to the finger. The exterior of this men’s wedding ring is flat and the interior rounded. It offers a thoroughly modern look and a comfortable fitting that’s easy to wear. This James Allen ring is available in white, rose, yellow and platinum gold and comes with a band width of 6mm. A thicker band width suits larger fingers and a smaller width, slimmer fingers. 

3. Beveled Fit Men’s Wedding Ring

Beveled is just that bit different, flat on the interior and exterior side forming a recessed curve. This ring suits a man who likes to stand out from the crowd. We’ve chosen a James Allen Beveled men’s wedding ring in 14K white gold. For the man who’s searching for a ring with bling, this one’s set with a diamond in the center of the band.

4. Geometric Gold Men’s Wedding Ring

If traditional is not your thing and you want your wedding ring to say something about your contemporary style, Ash Hilton handcrafted gold wedding rings for men could be just what you want. We’ve chosen his geometric yellow gold faceted wedding ring. Deliciously unique, each ring is made by hand so you’ll never find another exactly the same as the one on your finger. These rings take up to two months to create so bear that in mind when considering an Ash Hilton. 

5. Minimalist Gold Wedding Rings for Men

For some men, this will be the first ring they’ve ever worn. And not all will want to wear a statement ring. Ring brand Mejuri accommodates the man who wants to express his commitment to his betrothed but also wants a fuss-free wedding band. Designs are really simple yet appealing and many styles have been designed to be non-gender specific.

Women’s Gold Wedding Rings

It’s no secret that the engagement ring often steals the limelight when it comes to women’s wedding jewelry – but the wedding band should never feel under-rated. Many women choose to wear their engagement ring only on occasion once married, whereas the wedding band remains on their finger daily. Of course, when choosing your wedding ring, you will most certainly want to accommodate your engagement ring and showcase both beautiful pieces of jewelry harmoniously. Most women will have a pretty clear idea of the kind of band they want, be it bespoke, vintage or designer. You’ll also know whether subtle or eye-catching suits your personality better. We’ve sourced the best rings out there to suit all dispositions.

6. Plain gold wedding bands for women

Plain gold wedding bands traditionally come in yellow, white and rose gold. They feature a smooth reflective finish and come in a variety of band widths. Narrower band widths tend to suit longer, narrower fingers. They can be finished in hammered, brushed, textured, matte and satin. 

If you’re looking for a ring that exudes tradition , this James Allen Low Dome white gold women’s wedding ring is just that. White gold wedding rings for women are super popular at the minute and this ring comes in white, rose, yellow and platinum. Delicate and subtle but made from hard wearing 14K gold so it will remain looking sleek and sophisticated years down the line.

7. Simple And Understated Gold Wedding Rings For Women

Nothing says “I love you” quite like Tiffany. This simple, yet timeless wedding band will look just as fresh and feel just as delectable when you look down on it in future decades. Luxury, love and just that bit of something special – the Tiffany Wedding Ring comes in 18K yellow gold.


8. Eternity Wedding Rings For Women

Symbolizing eternity, equality and loyalty, the eternity ring is a popular choice. Set with diamonds either the whole way round the circumference or half way round, this style is symbolic and beautiful offering the wearer a touch of glamor in their day to day life. Rose gold wedding rings for women are currently a popular choice and we’ve chosen the rose gold petite twist by Blue Nile. Set with two interlocking and interweaving bands, one band bedecked in diamonds, this is a breathtaking ring. 

9. Contemporary Stackable Rings

CATBIRDNYC jewelry is aimed at those who dare to be different and consider themselves style icons. Mixing classic with contemporary and creating enviable gold wedding rings for women, this brand is right on trend. Hard to top, the Ambrosia Circlet Ring features blossoms of rose cut diamonds  punctuated with starry brilliant cut diamonds. A crazy beautiful ring in a stack, or on its own, this piece is delicate yet striking. Rose gold rings for women are a beautiful choice and the Ambrosia is available in rose gold, yellow gold and white. A truly inspired piece.

10. Fairy Tale Wedding rings

If you’ve always imagined the fairytale wedding these could just be the rings you’ve been dreaming about your entire life. What makes this collection of rings even better is the fact they offer ethically sourced materials and stones but have lab grown diamonds too. On top of that, you can source a vintage inspired masterpiece or a stunningly simple silicone band, depending on your preference and desire. Beautiful and inspired designs using materials in modern and responsible ways are a modern way to express your love for your life partner and the planet. We’ve chosen the Neil Lane Diamond Anniversary Gold Ring for women. Perfectly placed on the ring finger of any princess and certain to look just as just as exquisite in years to come too.

“The wedding ring goes on the left ring finger because it is the only finger with a vein to the heart.” Unknown

Love, loyalty, companionship and friendship are bound up within the fibers of a wedding ring. With no beginning and no end, the wedding ring symbolizes the eternal commitment you make to each other. Whether you opt for grandeur or simplicity – as long as the ring connects your hearts to one another like an invisible string, it’s achieved its purpose.


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