Review: Lupos Bros. Brunch in Charlotte Street

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The enamoree gang headed out to Lupos Bros., one of the lesser-known eateries in Fitzrovia. What we uncovered was a unique little gem of a dining experience of understated charm, and brunch with a friendly neighbourhood feel. 

But did we leave with our hearts and stomachs full of joy?





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About Lupos Bros.

Founded by two Italian brothers with a family history in the art of hospitality, Lupos Bros. was created with the intention of evoking the friendly neighbourhood cafe and restaurant, where people can sit and enjoy their food and beverages without the rush and bustle of other Central London establishments.

The Atmosphere at Lupos Bros.

While ‘Lupo’ may mean ‘wolf’ in the Italian language, there’s a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere here that’s friendly, but laid back in its approach. 

Lupos Bros. doesn’t have that ‘eat up and get out’ feel that so many of its nearby counterparts suffer from. Being left to eat at our own pace may sound minor, but this is a much welcome change when looking for a little brunch in Charlotte Street and beyond.

Lupos Bros: The Food

London cafes and eateries can occasionally suffer from the mass-produced food effect, leaving many of them difficult to tell apart from others. Fortunately, the menu at Lupos Bros. is an exception. 

With a small but well put together menu of house favourites, brunch specials and burgers, these dishes are made from locally sourced ingredients taste fresh, satisfy the palate and don’t skimp on portions. 

Finding that sweet spot between being too full or not eating enough is a fine line, and it’s one that they walk very well. Their in-cafe micro-bakery serves up fresh bread and they even roast up their own rich blend of coffee. The hearty rustic food and freshness of the dishes are served with a simple but smart presentation to complement the surrounding decor.

While it would have been nice to have more vegetarian options on the menu (as of writing there are no vegan options either), the staff are to be commended for how accommodating they were in altering a few dishes to be veggie-friendly.


Located in Fitzrovia, the restaurant is a much welcome contrast to the traffic and noise of the nearby surrounding roads. Within walking distance of Covent Garden, Tottenham Court Road and Soho, this is a perfectly placed gem to sit and enjoy a quiet brunch before immersing yourself in the bright lights of Central London. 

Are you and your partner peckish but don’t want to wait an hour to be seated for high-quality food? Not a problem here. This place is an ideal stopping point to eat in peace before pounding the pavements of the city’s retail and entertainment hotspots.

The Lupos Bros. Staff

The welcoming, laid back feel of the restaurant is maintained by staff who are effortlessly polite and accommodating. There are no ‘painted on smiles’ here. The natural ability to bring a little human touch to brunch in London is a rarity, and it was a welcome addition to an already pleasant experience.

Brunch in Charlotte Street: Just Because

Lupos Bros. isn’t the place to go for a sweeping romantic gesture or to celebrate a milestone in your relationship. But it does offer a perfect opportunity to indulge in something we like to call a ‘just because’ moment that makes a good relationship feel so special. 

Stop off and treat your partner to some hearty food and a warm atmosphere. It’s those ‘just because’ gestures that can be the difference between a bad day at work and a reminder that someone in your life appreciates and adores you.

Make a memory: If you’re near Fitzrovia and want some brunch in Charlotte Street, take an early work lunch and arrange to meet your partner there. 

Better yet, suggest you both take the day off and wash down your brunch with a few drinks at one of the many spacious pubs nearby, or set off for Covent Garden for some retail therapy!


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