The Ultimate List of Places To Go for Your Birthday

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While we all love a small-scale and low-key birthday celebration now and then, some birthdays just need to have something a little more special planned. Not everyone likes a big fuss on their big day, but with some of that enamoree magic and a little scheming between you and your partner, you’ll soon find places to go for your birthday to make any milestone feel memorable and made just for you!

Regardless of which birthday you’re celebrating, you and your significant other are a team. You know each other better than anyone else does, and there’s no wrong way to enjoy another year alongside your favourite person.

But where are the best places to go on your birthday to make sure you’re having the best time possible?

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Birthday Places That Make Long-Lasting Memories

Planning out a birthday trip or a brand new experience is what makes birthdays so special in a relationship. What’s romantic to one couple could be another couples’ idea of hell. 

That’s why we’ve put together ideas, trips and birthday places for all needs and tastes. If you’re looking for unique places to have a birthday party or even just a fun experience to make the person in your life feel appreciated, here is the ultimate list of places to go for your birthday!

Places to Go for Your Birthday for Adventure

Find things to do on your birthday that’ll inspire a little adventure and make your big day feel even more exciting.

Adventure Island 

If you’re looking for some birthday adventure then why not visit the ultimate adventure destination?

Adventure Island is one of the most exciting destinations in the UK for rides and attractions. They’ve got everything from crazy golf and bumper cars to adrenaline rush rides galore. Perfect for couples who love a big day out with plenty of twists and turns!

Escape Room Experience

While there are many escape room experiences you can choose from, we recommend London’s cocktail infused escape room for two at The Grid.

Stuck for things to do on your birthday? Then why not save the world and toast your victory with a few delicious cocktails? As an undercover pair of renegades, only the two of you can stop an impending technological armageddon!

Crystal Maze Experience for Two 

Whether you’re a fan of the original series or just a fan of fun places to go for your birthday, this Manchester adventure is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday. 

Grab a few friends and test yourselves through several mental and physical challenges to earn bragging rights as conquerors of the iconic Crystal Maze.

Karaoke Room Rental 

Get some other couples together and belt out a few classic tunes in your own private karaoke room! 

Karaoke rooms are easy to come by, but if you want to make it an extra special night but don’t know where to go on your birthday then try visiting MBOX Karaoke in Liverpool. Bonus points for couples who dress up as their favourite singers to make it even more fun!

Indoor Go-Karting 

Celebrate another year around the globe with a speedy and fun-filled day of go-karting! Feel the rush of air on your face, zoom across the track, and just have fun (but make sure you beat your partner to the finish line. You’ll never hear the end of it otherwise!). 

Team Sport offer several indoor tracks across the UK. Pick out a destination and get ready to race!

Bungee Jumping 

Are you looking for fun places to go for your birthday? How about taking the ultimate leap of faith and taking on a couples bungee jump?

One of the most memorable ways to celebrate a landmark birthday, this is certainly one birthday adventure that’s not for the faint of heart! Find a UK destination with Jump This and book your very own birthday bungee experience.

Sky Diving 

Some birthdays just scream out for you to do something a little crazy. What’s crazier than leaping out of a plane?! 

Whether it’s skydiving as a couple or going one at a time, it’s an experience that everyone should try at least once.

Places to Go for Your Birthday That Are Romantic

If finding where to go on your birthday needs to be more romantic than rowdy, skip the adventures in favour of these romantic experiences.

Ice Skating

There’s something about the pureness of ice and the intimacy of holding one another while skating that just exudes romance. 

If it’s a birthday that deserves a little more magic than usual, or just a gesture to remind your partner how important they are to you, ice skating is hard to beat. While just about every big city will have a rink, we recommend Planet Ice in Altrincham for a warm welcome and family feel.

Private Cinema Hire

Imagine the look on your partner’s face when they realise your simple cinema trip is in fact a completely private screening full of her loved ones! 

Choose their favourite film and grab the popcorn to be immersed in widescreen birthday joy. Everyman Cinema has multiple UK locations to book this special birthday screening.

Book a Luxury Hotel Getaway in Edinburgh

The crisp air and creative buzz of Edinburgh are only matched by the beauty of its architecture and breathtaking views. Booking up a stay at The Hilton Edinburgh Carlton is the perfect setting for an unforgettable birthday getaway.

For birthday places that will offer more than just a place to blow out some candles on a cake, Edinburgh’s rich history and retail outlets will be a one of a kind birthday treat. 

Stay at Bluestone National Park Resort 

One of the true romantic gems of Wales, the Bluestone National Park Resort combines stunning views and tranquillity with romance and activities. Peace and quiet under the stars or catching big waves and surfing the day away, the option is yours. 

Either way, romance abounds in the spacious but cosy lodges and cottages available to rent. Escape the world for a few days and enjoy a birthday like no other!

Visit the Camel Valley Vineyard

What’s more romantic than taking a guided stroll through a stunning vineyard followed by a few glasses of wine in the sun? 

This award-winning vineyard in Cornwall offers tours, tasting experiences and a quiet terrace to take in the natural beauty of the area with your special someone. Cheers!

Book a Chocolate Making Course

Indulge your romantic side and your sweet tooth with a fun and interactive chocolate making and (more importantly) tasting experience. 

That rich sugar rush and velvety smooth texture is the perfect start to a romantic birthday celebration. Make it a plan for your next birthday inspired trip to London!

Go to a Birthday Photo Shoot 

Book as a couple or let the person celebrating their special day hog the limelight and enjoy a full-on makeup and professional photoshoot in a studio. 

Whether it’s a little confidence boost to mark a special occasion or a full-on glamour shoot to make them feel as beautiful as you see them every single day, this is the ideal way to immortalise a milestone birthday. Find your nearest location below to make it a birthday to remember!

Visit a Drive-In Movie Theatre 

Yes, they still exist. And yes, they’re still a timeless example of pure romance! For an extra birthday treat, try to find a screening of a classic movie you both adore and pack a romantic picnic to have in the car while you watch.

Explore the huge range of screenings across the UK that Adventure Cinema offers and get ready for that big screen visit.

Rent a Limousine 

It’s not just about finding romantic places to go on your birthday, it’s about giving the whole evening a romantic aura to get your special someone to feel loved and appreciated. 

Booking a limo to take you to your date destination is one of those unexpected extras that make a fun night out more memorable for years to come. Book below to find a limo hire near you!

Visit Kew Royal Botanical Gardens 

Some of the most romantic places to go for your birthday don’t have any flashy gadgets or huge price tags. What they do have is intimacy and tranquillity in some of the most stunning natural gardens in the world. 

Enjoy the magic of nature for things to do on your birthday that’ll inspire calm vibes, fresh air, and an unforgettable day out.

Places to Have a Birthday Party

Sometimes the best places to have a birthday party can be a specific venue in a UK city that just screams ‘it’s party time!’.


Is there anything that London doesn’t have? This iconic city is one big celebration that welcomes anyone and everyone to join the party! 

If London is top of your list of places to have a birthday party then we recommend visiting The London Cabaret Club. The incredible live shows and luxurious surroundings will make for a memorable night out!


The city of poets, lovers, and unapologetic romance, Manchester’s unique brand of northern soul is the perfect stage for a celebration. Your northern birthday party places you amongst some of the kindest people and wildest experiences in the UK. 

For northern newbies, we recommended paying a visit to Matt & Phred’s music venue for some chilled jazz and a relaxed but lively atmosphere.


Looking for fun places to go for your birthday and want to choose the liveliest city in the UK? You may have found it with Liverpool! 

For loud and proud nights out full of colourful cocktails and even more colourful characters, Liverpool has it all. We recommend visiting The Butterfly and Grasshopper for rooftop views, delicious food and alcoholic thirst quenchers.


From the second you set foot in Edinburgh and feel that crisp air against your face, you know you’re somewhere unlike anywhere else. A beacon of art, culture and creativity, Edinburgh’s charm makes it one of the most enticing places to go for a birthday in the UK.

Visit the Coro Chocolate Cafe after a long day of retail therapy for a much deserved birthday chocolate overload!


If you prefer to explore the lesser-known gems throughout the country, Bristol is the unsung hero of places to go for a birthday in the UK. 

Try something a little different and book yourselves a private comfy booth at Flight Club, complete with a dartboard and a fun group atmosphere.


While Cardiff may be more famous for being a hen and stag do destination than a top pick for where to go on your birthday, there’s more than meets the eye to this lively city. 

Try out The Philharmonic for a real taste of Cardiff nightlife. Do shots and dance the night away, or sip a good wine in the corner and enjoy some nice conversation. The choice is yours!


The midlands are never short of adventure and a few memorable ways to celebrate a big day. Birmingham’s music scene and nightlife are famous across the country, so we’d advise hitting a music venue for a real birthday treat. 

The Sunflower Lounge has a 20-year history of hosting some of the hippest and most innovative music acts around. Get yourselves a few tickets to a random gig and discover a new favourite band!

Places to Go for Your Birthday for a Good Laugh

For places to go for your birthday to raise a smile and tickle your funny bone, look no further! 

Leicester Square Theatre 

London’s comedy scene is thriving and Leicester Square hosts the biggest and best names in the business. Choose from a list of household names or take a chance on a comic you may not yet know. 

Either way, you’re guaranteed a good laugh!

The Frog and Bucket

This Manchester comedy venue puts well-known comedy giants and newcomers to the test in an intimate but award-winning comedy club.

For something a little different, try their Monday night ‘Beat the Frog’ evening. This unpredictable evening puts the audience in control of which acts thrive by giving out cards to rank comedians and deciding whether they are allowed to remain on the stage!

Live Murder Mystery Improv 

There’s been a murder! And only this ragtag team of improv comedians can solve it. With shows in Manchester, Leeds and St. Helens, Murder Inc. Improv makes a brand new show weekly and performs it to the delight of comedy and mystery fans across the north.

Brighton Fringe 

One of England’s largest art festivals regularly hosts comedy acts still tweaking their material before going on nationwide tours. The buzzing atmosphere and looseness of the comedy gigs make for a unique night of laughs and laid back vibes.

Comedy Dinner Shows

What better way to celebrate a birthday than to have your celebratory meal served by one of your favourite comedy characters? 

Comedy Dinner Shows parody well known UK comedies like Only Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers while serving up good food at the same time! It is a truly immersive and hilarious experience.

Unique Places to Go for Your Birthday

Not everyone wants drinks and dancing to celebrate their special occasions. That’s why we’ve put together some birthday places to celebrate your day in a more unique fashion.

Haunted Hotel Stay 

Up for a spooky celebration? Then a night or two in one of the most haunted places in the UK is next on your things to do on your birthday list. 

The Mosborough Hall Hotel in Sheffield claims that the Lord John Darcy Suite is haunted by the fabled White Lady of Mosborough Hall. To this day her screams are often heard filling the hallways. Is she singing you a birthday song, or calling out for something more ghastly? 

You’ll have to book to see for yourselves!

Medieval Banquet Experience 

Turn the clocks back and toast to another birthday with a medieval banquet experience in York. With small group bookings giving you a server and a choice of rustic medieval goodies, you’ll be in your very own Game of Thrones fantasy (minus the bloodshed!).

Manchester Ghost Tour

Who said that finding places to go on your birthday couldn’t include a ghost story or two? Discover a whole new side of Manchester with a Saturday night ghost tour! 

Canal Boat Dinner Experience 

Take your birthday celebrations to the famous canals of Birmingham and bask in the incredible views of a dinner cruise gift experience. Whether it’s breakfast on the barge or a delicious afternoon tea, you’ll be celebrating your big day in style!

Zombie Experiences 

With multiple UK locations, this immersive zombie experience is certainly not for the faint of heart! This experience puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and tests your skills and nerve. 

Battle it out with the undead and meet in-game characters (both good and bad so beware!) as you move through this zombie wasteland. 

Lifesized Monopoly Game 

The most popular board game in the world has now been given a 4D upgrade! Play on a 15mx15m lifesized board with your birthday crew and enjoy an iconic board game with all of the latest technology combined!

Places to Go for Your Birthday for Creatives

Calling all creative souls! Find birthday places to indulge in your love of art and culture while celebrating your birthday at the same time.

Pottery Making Workshops

If you like the satisfaction of making something with your own hands a pottery workshop is perfect. Sculpt your own little creative project, decorate it and take it home with you!

Clay Studio in Manchester offers weekend courses for beginners. Why not book that week off you’ve been eyeing up on your work calendar and include this as a part of your birthday trip?

Visit the Tate in London 

As one of the most popular museums in Europe, the Tate Britain Museum displays some of the world’s most stunning pieces of art. With exhibitions, screenings and interactive creative activities, this is an art lover’s paradise.

The World Museum 

Liverpool’s The World Museum is never short of a new exhibition that challenges, inspires and guides you through the marvellous world of art and culture. 

For Sci-Fi aficionados, check out the Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder exhibition that delves into the science within the show’s respective universe.

Visit the Van Gogh Alive Exhibition

Experience Van Gogh’s art like never before with this incredibly inventive and immersive walk throughout his finest pieces. This touring exhibition brings Van Gogh’s work to life and lets you step through them. 

Book a ticket for a London, Manchester, Birmingham or Edinburgh show for a one of a kind birthday experience.

Bookmaking Workshop

Fun places to go for your birthday can be tricky for those who prefer a quiet book to a wild night out on the town. London’s We Make Books make…. Well, books! 

Their bookmaking and binding courses take you through all of the steps needed to create your own personalised book.

Attend a Poetry Evening 

Think poetry is still a dull snoozefest full of old sonnets? Think again! Modern poetry evenings have a wild but encouraging atmosphere that supports newbies and big names alike.

Check out London’s Bang Said The Gun for vital and engaging poetry performances. Feeling brave? Sign up for the open mic and try out a reading for yourself!

Relaxing Places to Go for Your Birthday

Do you prefer to be pampered instead of pulling an all-nighter? Then choose from our list of relaxing places to go for your birthday.

One Night Glamping Break for Two

Do you like the comfort and relaxation of a hotel break but need the fresh air of the great outdoors in order to truly unwind? Then get glamping!

Close to forests, lakes and miles of countryside, Back-of-Beyond in Dorset give you the chance to accomplish both of these birthday goals at once.

Lush Spa 

With locations across the country, the Lush range of spas and relaxation treatments are one of the most popular pampering places to go for your birthday in the UK. 

From skin treatments and bath spas to personalised birthday treat packages, give your body a much-needed treat this year.

Beacon Park Boat Hire

Luxury canal boat hire in the Brecon Beacons? That’s a chilled birthday guarantee! Lie back and read a book, take a walk along the waterfront, or enjoy the tranquil views outside of your window. You’ll be shocked at how rested and revitalized you feel.

Juice Detox Retreat in Glastonbury or Kent 

Give your body and soul the gift of a healthy detox in the glorious surroundings of Glastonbury or Kent. This package offers mental and physical healing through yoga, mindfulness tips and juicing detoxification.

Picasso Painting Class

People seem to forget that painting is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. Creative Art Courses in Manchester offer short courses and evenings that teach the basics of painting like the modern masters of art. 


Foot Trails give hikers, walkers and ramblers beautiful routes, Inn to Inn walking tours and anything in between. For things to do on your birthday that are a little more active and outdoors focused, we recommend looking into a walking and hiking trip to The Cotswolds!

We hope that this ultimate list of birthday party places, ideas, and locations have given you and your partner the inspiration to find places to go for your birthday to make another candle on the cake feel a little more special. 

All that really matters is being with someone you feel a deep connection with. Someone who makes the simplest day out feel special. With that kind of person, your birthday will always be something to celebrate, no matter where you are!

Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments below what the ideal birthday break is for you and your significant other. 

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