73 Anniversary Gifts for Him

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73 Anniversary Gifts for Him

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Finding the best wedding anniversary gifts for him is no easy task. Your hubby is hard to buy for, right? What kind of present do you search for? Something cute? Something thoughtful? Something useful? Decisions, decisions.


It doesn’t make it any easier when you realise you’ve got to find a gift every year! Whether it’s your 1-year celebrations or it’s been a long 60 years, any anniversary is worth celebrating. You might be looking for paper anniversary gifts for him (1 year) or leather anniversary gifts for him (3 years) – however long it’s been, we’ve got some great ideas.


The key to finding something he’ll truly love is good research. There’s plenty of gifts out there if you look in the right places. So here’s a gift guide to push you in the right direction. 


Let’s look at all the best wedding anniversary gifts for him, categorised by the traditional symbols of each year. From paper all the way to diamond! 

Table of Contents

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Before we get to our 1 – 60 year anniversary gift ideas, let’s start with our very best top picks. From gadgets to tools, any man will love these anniversary gifts. Check them out.


Golf Wine Stopper

Combine your husband’s love of golf and wine with this golf wine stopper. There’s an option to personalise the stopper by adding his initials too. It’s a fun and personal gift you just can’t go wrong with.


Engraved Bicycle Tool Kit

Any man who loves his bike will love this classic-style bicycle tool kit too. Inside you’ll find all sorts of stainless steel tools and instruments that keep the bicycle wheel spinning, including spanners and screwdrivers. The wooden box can be personalised with a name and a short message too. 



Eyeglasses Holder

Is your husband always losing his glasses? This sleek hand-carved eyeglasses holder ensures he’ll never lose them again. The wooden statuette design is super classy too, perfect for his office desk or the bedside table. 


Men’s Essential Gift Set

At a loss on what you can get your husband? This essential gift set is all you need to make him happy. Inside you’ll find a variety of men’s accessories including neckties, pocket squares, and socks. From just 1 box, he can create 29 different style combinations. 


Watch Case

This Mirage Watch Case is perfect for any man who’s proud of his watch collection. It’s made from full-grain leather and the innovative sliding pillows keep your watches safe from scratches.


Rechargeable USB Lighter

This rechargeable USB lighter is super handy for lighting candles and BBQs. The unique design is fashionable, lightweight, durable, and portable. Plus, the battery lasts for over 600 lights. 


Men's Skin Care Set

Does your man like to take care of his skin? Does he spend more time in the bathroom than you? This premium gift set includes the complete range for his full skincare routine, including a cleanser, skin balm, wrinkle serum, recovery oil, and an exfoliating rub.  


Fix-It Kit

Every man needs a tool kit to fix things in and around the house. This portable collection of handy tools holds all sorts of stainless steel instruments, including a hammer, pliers, a tape measure, and an LED flashlight. They’re all chrome-plated and erosion-resistant too. 

Paper Anniversary Gifts for Him

Paper Anniversary = 1 year!

Looking for paper anniversary gifts for him? Congrats on your first year of happy marriage! 1 year goes super fast, right? Here’s the best paper anniversary gifts for him that he’ll love.


First Dance Personalized Poster

Cherish the moment of your first dance forever with a personalised A3 poster. Let the designer know what your special song is and they’ll source and print the lyrics for you.


Paper Mario: Origami King

Is your fella a gamer? Does he love old school Nintendo games? Paper Mario: Origami King is a perfect paper wedding anniversary gift, packed with puzzle-solving mini-games and all your favourite Mario characters. 


The Adventure Challenge Book: Couples Edition

Scratch off 50 must-try adventures with this special couples edition of The Adventure Challenge: a world-renowned idea book packed full of date suggestions. Romance, spontaneity and excitement are ahead!

Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Him

Cotton Anniversary = 2 years! 


Looking for cotton anniversary gifts for him? You’ve nearly made it to 2 years! Solidify your partnership with these cotton anniversary gifts for him that he’ll love. 


Turkish Wrap Towel

Wrap your man up nice and warm with an absorbent and adjustable Turkish cotton towel. There’s even a front pocket for keeping a phone or TV remote. He’s never looked and felt better getting out of the shower!

DonDon Cotton Tie

All of DonDon’s cotton ties are 100% cotton and handmade. Choose from a variety of colours and patterns, from check to stripes to floral. Match it perfectly with his personal style. Keep him suited and booted.


Whiskey Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas the right way with a whiskey advent calendar. All 30ml bottles behind the windows are wax-sealed and blended using only the best-quality distillery process. There’s a few flavours to taste and try out. Complimentary mince pies are a must too!


Zermatt Wool Felt Slippers

Every man needs a pair of slippers. What else will keep his toes warm on a cold Sunday in the winter months? These slippers are felt-lined for extra comfort, perfect for keeping your feet snug whilst lounging around the house

Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Him

Leather Anniversary = 3 years!

Looking for leather anniversary gifts for him? You’re 3 years down and have many more to come. Celebrate your love with leather anniversary gifts for him that he’ll adore. 



Tom Ford Leather Cardholder

Crafted in Italy, Tom Ford’s full-grain leather cardholder is a classy anniversary gift. There’s 3 slots and a central compartment to keep all of your everyday cards and IDs. It might be pricey, but it’s something he can keep forever. 


Tom Ford Leather Backpack

Does he need a new backpack for weekends away? This full-grain leather backpack is stylish and spacious, featuring two inside pockets and a laptop sleeve. It’s a great option if you’re willing to fork out.


Navy Leather Flask

This handsome leather flask is the perfect addition to your husband’s suit pocket. The genuine leather finish and decorative stitching make it a classy gift that any drinker will love.  Fill it with his favourite spirit or liquor!


Leather Biker Jacket

Every man’s wardrobe should have at least 1 leather jacket. This HUGO black leather jacket has an extra-slim fit and is fully lined, giving it a sleek urban look that compliments a masculine physique. 


Leather Desk Pad

Does your husband spend a lot of time at his office desk? If so, this premium leather desk pad protects your office space from any unwanted spills or accidents. The suede bottom also gives it an extra grip to prevent the pad from sliding. It comes in black or dark brown. The choice is yours. 



Notebook Cover & Pen

Everyone needs a notepad and a pen to stay organized. Your husband can keep on top of their weekly to-dos with this super sophisticated real leather notebook cover that fits all 5.5 x 3.5-inch notebooks. The pen is black ink with a ballpoint tip. There’s 4 colours to choose from too (black, graphite, navy, and caramel).

Imagine the shock and tears of joy that’ll come with a funny personalised message.

Techy Anniversary Gifts for Him


Craft Coffee Kit

Is your husband a coffee-lover? Has he always wanted to brew his own coffee rather than wake up to the same old’ instant supermarket stuff? Well, this mess-free and easy-to-use craft coffee kit has everything you need, including a V60 dripper, filter papers, and a glass server.

Apple iPad Mini

Treat your husband to an iPad mini if you think he’ll use it, either for work or for entertainment. 2021’s 6th generation iPad mini includes an 8.3” liquid retina display, touch ID, and an apple pencil. It also comes in a range of colours, including pink, purple, space grey, and starlight. 

Haden Temperature Kettle

Is your husband a hot-beverage addict? This Haden temperature kettle features state-of-the-art tech, including 360° cordless power, a keep-warm function, and temperature control options (70°C – 100°C). A morning brew has never been so exciting.

Amazon Echo Dot

Smart home technology is the future. Start by treating your husband to an Amazon Echo Dot. There’s plenty of ‘ready to help’ functions to play around with, from playing music to checking the weather to asking a simple question. You can even link them to compatible home devices, including lights, thermostats, and doors. The possibilities are endless.


Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds are the perfect alternative to big and bulky headphones or earphones. Pamu Lite Bluetooth earbuds are noise-cancelling and comfortable to wear. Plus, the battery lasts for 24 hours from just one charge. Your husband’s morning run has never felt more freeing!

Wood Anniversary Gifts for Him

Wood Anniversary = 5 years!


Congratulations! You’ve nearly made it to 5 years of marriage. Now is the time to buy your husband the best anniversary gift yet. Here’s some of the best wood anniversary gifts. Check them out.

Personalised Cityscape Artwork

We’re sure you’ve made plenty of memories in your 5 years of marriage, so why not commemorate what you’ve experienced together so far? Personalise this one-of-a-kind cityscape artwork by adding your city name, family name, and anniversary date. Hang it on the wall to be reminded of good times.

Cheese Board Set

Calling all cheese-lovers! Treat your husband to a 5-piece ceramic & wood cheese board that comes with 4 cheese knives and white ceramic handles. This is the perfect addition to your cheese and wine nights in cosying up on the sofa.

Baseball Game

Do you and your husband love a Game Night? Is he a fan of baseball? This baseball game is made from maple wood and handcrafted in St. Louis, making it the perfect old-fashioned replacement for TV or a games console. Switch off and spend some quality time with each other instead.

Tree Ring Artwork

Celebrate your most important milestones with this tree ring artwork. It’s the perfect present for a wood wedding anniversary, right? Your initials are carved into its core and there’s 8 rings for you to carve in special memories or moments that you’ve shared together too. 

Personalised Bourbon Barrel Flight and Glasses

Need another gift idea for whiskey-lovers? Personalised barrel glasses are the perfect way to sip on something strong, sweet, and earthy. Personalise the wooden flight with any text of your choice, including your name, date, or message. Cheers!

Copper Anniversary Gifts for Him

Copper Anniversary = 7 years!

Celebrate the joy of marriage by giving your husband a copper anniversary gift. 7 years deserves something extra-special! These items are perfect for a copper anniversary. Check them out.

Copper Watch

A beautiful copper-colour pocket watch is a great gift if you’re looking for something classic. Its antique-style design provides a lovely finish, and you can engrave a personalised message on the back too. Batteries are also included. 

Iron Sculpture

If your home is full of cute trinkets and sculptures, this kissing couple iron sculpture may well be the perfect addition to your mantlepiece. The design is sleek and modern, and the cast iron is heavy, strong, and durable. Keep it forever to symbolise your eternal love. Cute, right?

Bronze Anniversary Gifts for Him

Bronze Anniversary = 8 years!


Celebrate your bronze anniversary with the perfect bronze gift for your husband. 8 years is a long time, so make sure your celebrations are extra-special. Check these out.

Bronze Coin Cufflinks

Does your husband often wear the same cufflinks? Why not treat him to a new pair with these unique bronze coin cufflinks? Celebrate the 8 years of your marriage with something quirky and out of the ordinary.

Bronze & Oak Artwork

This bronze & oak artwork is perfect for your 8th wedding anniversary, mostly because you can personalize the oak woodcut with your initials. Mount the artwork to your wall so you can see it every day.

Pottery Anniversary Gifts for Him

Pottery Anniversary = 9 years!


Expert ceramicists will say there’s something erotic and romantic about pottery. So celebrate your pottery anniversary with these ceramic items. Check them out. You could even try making your own pottery if you’re up for the challenge.

Ceramic Hanging Heart

Another sentimental gift idea for your husband is this ceramic hanging heart. It’s a lovely keepsake to symbolize your 9 years of a loving marriage. It’s glazed and has embellished floral details, and you can even personalise this hanging heart with your own text if you wish. 

Ceramic Heart

Another ceramic keepsake is this heart keepsake which you can personalize with your own text (your names, a date, a personal message). It’s up to you. Inside, you can keep anything you want, from keys to jewellery to other memory keepsakes.

Aluminium Anniversary Gifts for Him

Aluminium Anniversary = 10 years!


Need an aluminium anniversary gift for your husband? Check out these perfect aluminium anniversary gifts for your special day. You’ve officially made it to a decade, so this one is important! Check these out. 

Pocket Bike Pump

Is your husband a cyclist? Is your garage full of bike accessories? Why not add another item to his collection with this aluminium pocket bike pump that’ll lend a helping hand whenever he needs it. Never have a deflated flat tyre again! 

Anniversary Sundial

This aluminium sundial is handmade by talented English craftsmen. Its polished detail and celebratory message make it the perfect aluminium anniversary gift. Plus, it’s made from recycled material, so rest assured the manufacturing process is carbon neutral.

Steel Anniversary Gifts for Him

Steel Anniversary = 11 years!


Celebrate your steel anniversary with these steel anniversary gift items. You’ve been married for over a decade now, so it’s time to show him that you’re still utterly in love. Check them out.

Tommy Hilfiger Bracelet

This brushed and polished stainless steel Tommy Hilfiger bracelet is super affordable. Made with links and a closing butterfly clasp, the bracelet can also be easily modified to fit his wrist perfectly.

Hockey Stick BBQ Set

Is your husband the king of the BBQ when summertime comes around? These stainless steel BBQ tools are the perfect gift for any man who takes charge of grilling the burgers and sausages. The set includes a spatula, fork, bottle opener and tongs. They’re also made from repurposed hockey sticks.

Steel Whiskey Gift Set