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Lockdown Love Stories: The Good, The Bad & The Funny

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Let’s face it. The love stories we’ve grown accustomed to in Rom-Coms have lied to us all. 

Has Tom Cruise ever fixed his (quite frankly terrifying) gaze upon you and uttered the immortal words join my Scientology army you complete me? Has a date ever faked an orgasm in a diner, sending earth-shattering vowels and side salads flying? Has Hugh Grant ever ran to catch you before you’re about to board a flight and declare his undying love for you?

Me neither. 

But despite a lack of that Hollywood flourish in my romantic life, I’m a sucker for a good love story. The best Reddit stories are usually rather shocking, to say the least. But When it comes to affairs of the heart, cupid and COVID have conspired to give aspiring lovers a few rather adorable ways to adapt and continue on their path to true romance. 

Here are a few of the most adorable, troubling, and funny Reddit stories about finding love during lockdown. 

The Good

cotton_clouds shares one of the more heartwarming Reddit love stories about how sometimes the little things in life can make someone feel like the most valuable person in the world. 

4 a.m. Cutie Call

“I texted him around 4 a.m. that I couldn’t sleep. He woke up and called me. I apologized and asked him to go back to sleep. He started telling me a story. I was laughing like crazy. Then he asked me to open the video chat and to try and sleep as he is watching me. I eventually drifted after an hour. I decided I’m keeping him for life (if he agrees to that is). I mean, it’s not about a big romantic thing, is it? It’s about being there at odd hours, not making you feel guilty for being anxious. This lockdown I have found my true love. “

User u/homiesatan shows us all that sometimes dating in lockdown can lead to a fast commitment!

Hey, You’re Not a Serial Killer! Let’s Live Together!

Reached her place, she wasn’t a serial killer (thank god!) and ended up spending the night and the next night at her place. We then moved to my place on Tuesday and have been here since. It’s so much fun having her around. We both like cooking so all the free time goes into cooking something delicious. I guess I’m one of the few ones who’s seriously enjoying this quarantine and hoping that it doesn’t end too soon!

Not all love stories need to be brand new.  U/Veyna proves that with the right person, lockdown is like a wonderful holiday.

Lockdown Video Game Love-Fest

My husband and I have been having a blast playing video games together. Married 4 years, together for 13 this August. My heart goes out to all the couples not having the greatest time right now though.

The Bad

cheddarbecks reminds us that some Reddit love stories can go from lift off to let down in only 15 minutes.

I Don’t Want a Pen Pal

“I had matched with someone on Tinder. We chatted for like 15 minutes and he said we should meet up. I reiterated that our state is on a strict stay home, stay safe order. He said, “well I don’t want a pen pal”. I’m a compromised person. I unmatched him. You can’t even talk for a few days before being pushy about meeting IRL?”

coodimaka seems to have found that lockdown dating has brought out the lazier side of online lovers.

Sext and Boredom

“Every guy I match with is bored so they want to sext. No one cares about a date that may never happen, people are just truly bored and passing the time. I think this is the best time to delete apps and go into monk mode for sure.”

brunis_pistol sums up the landscape of lockdown dating pretty well with this insight. 

Lockdown Dating in a Nutshell

“Pandemic dating has been pretty rough. It’s like all the parts I dislike about online dating amplified by extra anxiety and barriers to actually meeting people in person.”

The Funny

Fishhelpneeded almost managed to turn a Skype dinner date into a much more adult kind of online delectable experience. 

Dinner and a Show

“My first date with a girl has moved to a Skype dinner date. When I suggested the idea I somehow made it sound like I was looking for a “show”.”

Hikerkay shares a few beers in a parking lot and reflects on the surreal way COVID has shaped modern dating. 

Takeout and Free Weights

“Met a guy from tinder yesterday and we had takeout in our cars in the parking lot with some beer. Overlooked two strangers exchanging free weights (maybe from Craigslist) and they were wearing masks. Weird times indeed.”

Wowz reminds us all that funny Reddit stories can sometimes begin (and end!) with one simple sentence. 

The Perfect Pickup Line

“This guy’s pickup line on Hinge was “Hey, if Corona doesn’t take you out, can I?”

It’s important to not lose sight of what you’re really looking for in a significant other, lockdown or otherwise.  

Jamestardeef reminds us that although the best Reddit stories can be shocking or vulgar, sometimes honesty and openness in a relationship shines through during COVID. 

No Skeletons. No Problems. 

“The ones that thrive had no skeletons in the closet and the ones that are failing had plenty of issues that their “busy lives” prevented them from facing. Seriously, many of my friends have much better relationships, deeper commitments and love for each other since this lockdown began. The situation might just be shining light on real important undealt red flag issues.”

If you take only one thing from our dating in lockdown insights and funny Reddit stories, take the idea of nothing stopping you find your own love stories to make you feel valued and adored.

If you take two things from this, take the shock of knowing that some of the disturbing names these Redditors chose to post under are in loving relationships.

If that doesn’t give us all hope for finding love, I don’t know what will!

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